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Amobee Data Playbook

Data. Insights. Action. Words we’re all familiar with as marketers. In an industry filled with information and changing targeting solutions, making sense of the wealth of data at our fingertips and acting on it in real-time becomes impossibly complex. Until today.

From on-demand segments to customizable capabilities and beyond, the current data landscape provides an infinite amount of targeting options to help marketers reach and engage with their customers. However, as access to third-party cookies comes to an end, so does the rich identity data that marketers have relied on to fuel business growth and achieve success of their advertising investments. With additional fragmentation challenges brought on by new walled gardens, TV streaming expansions and OEM networks, marketers are being challenged more than ever. 

The future of advertising is here. Investing in an intelligent cross-channel advertising platform purpose-built for identity deprecation is no longer an afterthought, it’s a necessity. 

Today we’re excited to release a playbook featuring the Amobee Data Portfolio, derived from insight-driven solutions for a cookieless world. Uncover how you can harness:

  • The merging of Data Intelligence + Technology
  • Powerful cookieless targeting
  • Proprietary Data Solutions
  • And more.


Amobee Data Playbook

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