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Investment Planning Playbook

Increasing fragmentation. Rising costs. Growing Complexity. These are the biggest challenges in investment planning today. Siloed teams, siloed buying, and siloed budgets add even more friction to the process. It’s harder than ever for advertisers to locate a target audience, control ad frequency, and get the most value out of a campaign.

The technology exists to help solve the problems of cross-screen planning, but how do you determine which solution is the right one? Our Investment Planning Playbook will help you ask the right questions about allocation, reach and frequency, accurate audience unification, and more. 

This playbook explores all of that and more and will show you how to get the most out of your investments by:

  • Exploring the types of opportunities that technology offers.
  • Helping you understand what to expect from a tech partner.
  • Highlighting navigation paths through today’s fragmented marketplace.
  • Examining what to look for in a currency.

Find out how to streamline and optimize your media investment plan.

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Investment Planning Playbook

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