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Media Planning Insights and Activation Guide – Wimbledon

With the media cycle moving at lightning speed, marketers face the ongoing challenge of tracking and taking action on current trends.

For the upcoming Wimbledon event, the Amobee EMEA team has executed the heavy lifting by analysing and visualising 60 billion digital engagements daily over the past 3 months to bring you an exclusive report about what Wimbledon watchers are engaging with leading up to the big event.

Using our own proprietary tool, Brand Intelligence, we found that:

  • Wimbledon watchers are actively staying up to date with the ongoing bans of Russian & Belarusian players.
  • Younger and more diverse tennis athletes are driving the bulk of event discussion.
  • The participation of key players is at risk, causing much uncertainty for audiences, tune in.

Find out what this means for your brand in our report here!

Wimbledon Audience Insights

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