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Zeiss Camera Lenses

Zeiss reinvents consumer perception of Milvus Lenses with a paradigm-shifting ad experience; campaign reaches sky high engagement rates with Amobee Rich Media

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Amobee’s CTV Media Kit

Learn more about increasing reach and impact with premium CTV and video inventory. See Amobee's Media Kit here.

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The Big Connected TV Planning Problem… as Told by a Hungry Media Strategist

Amobee’s CTV Allocator removes the proverbial blindfold to reveal the full spread in all its delicious glory. Allocating your programmatic CTV in tandem with pre-negotiated linear and digital direct video allows you to forecast unique reach, pace against strategic targets, and manage your frequency holistically and in real-time

Media Kit

Download guidelines and specifications for digital advertising on the Amobee Platform to see the wide selection of ad formats.