End-to-end campaign management


Audience Intelligence

Reach the right people with definitive targeting, leveraging a rich taxonomy of data from 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-party sources. Uncover new audiences through unique demographic attributes, contextual relevance and advanced segmentation tools.

Use Cases:

  • — Segment Creation
  • — Amobee Precision Targets
  • — Inventory Curation

​Competitive Research

Find out exactly how consumers feel about your competitors through data captured on the infinite web. Identify patterns of consumer sentiment on social, mobile and video to fully understand your own strength and position compared to others.

Use Cases:

  • — Prospecting Strategies
  • — Competitive Set Analysis
  • — Segment Creation

Sentiment and Trends

Get your finger on the pulse of digital trends, monitoring the ebb and flow of 60 billion content engagements a day – across all channels and devices. Respond proactively to consumer sentiment as it’s happening, keeping a finger on the pulse of your brand.

Use Cases:

  • — Amobee Triggers
  • — Brand Monitoring
  • — Contextual Targeting

Data Onboarding

Turn your 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-party audience data into strategic segments, with thousands of triggered action combinations. Access an enormous library of on-demand audiences for modeling and cluster profiling, as well as testing media mix attribution and incremental lift.

Use Cases:

  • — Nielsen Linear TV Exposure Analysis
  • — CRM Retargeting
  • — In-Flight Optimization

Inventory Intelligence

Reveal swathes of relevant inventory that would otherwise go undiscovered. Inform your purchase decision with in-depth knowledge of buying patterns, top sites/visits, dayparting trends, core attributes, audience interests and even geolocation.

Use Cases:

  • — Nielsen Linear TV Viewership Analysis
  • — PMP Discovery
  • — Site List Creation



Make predictions with astounding accuracy. Know what will be available, and when: which site impressions, which audiences. Forecast anything and everything from inventory pricing metrics to audience reach, frequency and overlap.

Use Cases:

  • — Inventory Availability
  • — Cross-Device Targeting
  • — Global Frequency Management

Audience Syndication

Connect the dots across all channels to reach your customer everywhere they live online. Target across hundreds of audience attributes such as purchase patterns, site visits, demographics, apps and content to get your one, true audience. Then go them via one buy that covers DSPs, ad networks, sites and social.

Use Cases:

  • — Digital to Social Frequency Management
  • — Programmatic Guaranteed
  • — Sequenced Messaging

People-Based Marketing

Build a personal connection with each customer via customizing paths to purchase, delivering content based on individual interests, activating ad suppression, or velocity retargeting in response to their level of engagement with your brand.

Use Cases:

  • — Global Frequency Management
  • — Dynamic Retargeting
  • — Cross-Device Targeting

Campaign Automation

With a single, centralized location that can ingest media plans and tracking sheets for you, you’ll set up, manage, maintain and measure campaigns with ease. No more costly manual errors or wasted time switching back and forth between applications.

Use Cases:

  • — Workflow Efficiency
  • — Taxonomy Management
  • — Third-Party Trafficking

Creative Personalization

Deliver the experiences that win awards – but also win the hearts and minds of your audience. Get personal and be memorable with customized content in premium formats like rich media, 3D and VR. Deeper engagement = higher ROAS for all brands, no matter what industry you’re in.

Use Cases:

  • — High-Impact Ad Units
  • — Proprietary VR Creatives
  • — Immersive 3D Ad Experiences


TV Audience Extension

Reach unexposed linear TV audiences with digital video through the deterministic mapping of Nielsen People Meter respondents against your brand’s broadcast schedule. Then, orchestrate brand messaging across all screens for unexposed users along with 1st- and 3rd-party data sets.

Use Cases:

  • — Nielsen Measurement
  • — Audience Extension
  • — Incrementality

Social Campaign Automation

Save time and reduce errors with media automation tools that turn placement-level plans into social executions.

Use Cases:

  • — Media Automation
  • — Auto Optimization Algorithms
  • — Power Auditor

Portfolio Management

Allocation tools maximize audience value and media profit across a portfolio of brands in real time.

Use Cases:

  • — Inventory Efficiency
  • — Incrementality
  • — Budget Allocation

Programmatic Guaranteed

The scale of programmatic combined with the transparency and brand safety standards your brand requires. Get certainty with a guaranteed 99% response rate on top-tier inventory, and controlled exposure with exclusive media measurement. Max out on efficiency with flexible buying models to accommodate every type of buy.

Use Cases:

  • — Media Efficiency
  • — Portfolio Management
  • — Data Onboarding

​Omnichannel Frequency Cap

Get the formula for omnichannel success and implement it immediately. Interaction data tells you the optimal exposure for your brand across digital and social, then allows you to frequency cap simultaneously across both. Automate your exposure across all media tactics for highest performance.

Use Cases:

  • — People-Based Marketing
  • — Dynamic Audience Management
  • — Unduplicated Reach


In-Flight Optimization

Connect offline purchase data to your campaign activity, seeing exactly how your audience segments, sites and ad frequency are impacting sales. Get right into your campaign mid-flight to optimize based on user-level data and performance metrics.

Use Cases:

  • — Sales Lift
  • — Footfall Lift
  • — UPC Integration

Custom Algorithms

With custom and third-party algorithmic modeling, you can power dCPM campaigns and optimize bidding with something as simple as user-level scores. Elevate your bidding with automated data analysis and predictive model markup language.

Use Cases:

  • — PMML
  • — Bid Price Optimization
  • — Bring Your Own Algorithm

Multi-Goal Optimization

Combine multiple KPIs on a single line item to optimize branding and performance simultaneously. Let real-time signals feed the AI decision-making and automate across all media tactics.

Use Cases:

  • — Expressive Bidding
  • — Media Optimization
  • — Nielsen DAR

Dynamic Creative

Leverage dynamic messaging for copy, images and video to meet consumers where they are – then guide creative enhancements in real-time and at scale. Add in segmenting, precise targeting and AI optimizations to maximize the impact of your creative.

Use Cases:

  • — Sequenced Messaging
  • — Creative A/B Testing
  • — AI-led Algorithms

Budget Allocation

Save time and get the best results through automatic allocation across campaigns, accounts and channels. Let budget flow to the campaign tactics that are winning, and reap the benefits of a holistic approach to marketing spend.

Use Cases:

  • — Mixed Media Modeling
  • — Multi-Touch Attribution
  • — Cross-Channel Analysis


Consumer Journey Analysis

Use real-time and historical insights to understand which elements influence the path to purchase, and uncover new paths to conversion. Adjust your approach accordingly, from creative strategy to budget allocation.

Use Cases:

  • — Journey Orchestration
  • — Working Media Analysis
  • — Media Optimization

Lift & Incrementality

Measure true performance and cross-channel effectiveness of each campaign. Don’t ask "if it worked" – find out precisely how well it worked through accurate measurement of the lift that resulted from the ad you served. Prove which audience segments provide the highest ROAS and optimize retargeting spend.

Use Cases:

  • — Customer Journey Analytics
  • — Attribution
  • — Media Optimization

Media Source Efficiency

Quickly identify the highest performing media channels, inclusive of Amobee and partners. See viewability metrics and impression overlap across each channel and partner, then hone in on the most efficient media sources to streamline buying.

Use Cases:

  • — Reach & Frequency Management
  • — Cross Platform Analytics
  • — Media Optimization

Audience Insights

Understand what they’re most interested in, when and why they engage with you, and on which channels and devices they’re converting the most. Armed with this knowledge, conduct future planning with confidence.

Use Cases:

  • — Cross Device Analysis
  • — Behavioral Insights
  • — Cross Channel Analysis

3rd Party Measurement

Take a look upstream to see how attention metrics are impacting your awareness and conversion rates. Create or redefine user journeys based on impressions, adjusting campaigns to KPIs that will drive users down-funnel and generate positive business outcomes. No more blind spots.

Use Cases:

  • — Post Campaign Lift
  • — Conversion Rates
  • — Campaign Insights

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