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Ampersand Strategies Drives Reduction in Vaccine Misinformation

Powered by Brand Intelligence, Fortune Media sees successful vaccine education program

Ampersand Strategies drives reduction in vaccine misinformation
  • Increase vaccination rates among minorities in key counties in Georgia
  • Combat vaccine misinformation
  • Shift where this audience was consuming media on Covid-19 vaccines
  • Leverage online video (OLV) to evoke emotions that would lead to a change in behavior
  • Leverage Brand Intelligence (BI) to understand pre and post-campaign shifts in media consumption
  • Created custom audience segmentation for OLV and ingestion into BI
  • Insights from BI guided what messaging would resonate with the audience.


Decrease in consumption from Extreme Bias/Questionable Publishers


Increase in consumption of moderate bias


Increase in consumption of Unbiased/Center Factual Publishers

Ampersand Strategies needed a partner that would be able to quickly and efficiently execute its vaccine education program and be able to show a change in the behavior of minority communities in Georgia who are vaccine hesitant.

Amobee analyzed billions of digital content engagements from before and after the campaign was distributed. This data helped identify publishers’ bias and determine what content resonates with minority groups in Georgia. It was determined that across all demographic groups, stories with vaccine information for families and children were the most impactful. Additionally, the data showed that Hispanic populations consumed most vaccine misinformation in Spanish. These insights resulted in better targeting for the remainder of the campaign.

The consumption of factual unbiased/center biased publishers increased by 32.08% and the consumption of Questionable Extreme Content decreased by 66.67%. Ampersand Strategies and Fortune Media successfully spread their message to key groups of vaccine hesitant Georgians and shifted their
consumption of Covid-19 vaccine information to factual and unbiased publications.

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