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Bell Media rings in a new era of TV buying and attribution

Unique SAM platform provides advertisers with self-serve access to premium TV inventory

bell media opens a new era of tv buying
  • Develop a self-service platform for buyers that delivers seamless broadcast-quality, premium inventory.
  • Enable advertisers to achieve more measurable results from their media dollars.
  • Customize and track the performance of TV campaigns against conversions.
  • Create a 360-degree tool for advertisers that leverages existing first-party linear data with Advanced TV capabilities.
  • Merge household TV-viewing data to determine high-indexing TV audiences across specific programs.
  • Enhance campaign granularity by adding linear attribution to the SAM buying system.

Bell Media partnered with Amobee to empower Canadian advertisers with a new way of buying and activating media through data-driven linear TV and attribution capabilities. The first phase of this multi-year partnership focused on the launch of Bell Media’s Strategic Audience Management platform (SAM), a white-labelled Amobee ad-buying system that allows Bell Media advertisers to more efficiently plan their TV-digital buys. 

With Numeris, Canada’s preferred measurement currency, and Bell Media’s first-party data, SAM merges household, behavioral, and TV-viewing data to determine high-indexing TV audiences across programs. Advertisers can then build optimal TV schedules to deliver targeted impressions to desired audiences.

Bell Media further developed SAM into a 360-degree advertising platform by layering in Canada’s first-to-market attribution component. Through this offering, the SAM platform customizes advertiser attribution goals and tracks the performance of TV campaigns against digital conversions. Bell Media aggregates and de-identifies its first-party linear attribution data in a privacy compliant way. 

Bell Media recently showcased its new attribution capabilities at the 2020 “Homefronts,” with plans to continue to evolve SAM with Amobee as the marketplace develops.

SAM is a powerful buying platform that leverages Bell’s first-party data, all aggregated and de-identified, to help marketers and planners identify, understand, and connect with the right audiences on the right channels. Recently, we launched attribution for linear TV, which tracks tangible performance of a TV campaign and is a game changer in the Canadian media marketplace. - Darryl Coburn ,Vice-President, National Video Sales, Bell Media

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