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H&L Partners drives auto memberships with TV-digital convergence

4Screen & TV Amplifier accelerate cross-channel acquisition rates

Amobee 4Screen and TV Amplifier Success Story
  • Consolidate agency partners to increase membership sign-ups and renewals.
  • Reduce overlap and waste across linear TV, CTV, desktop, and mobile.
  • Decrease cost-of-acquisition for new members.
  • Leverage 4Screen reports for a clear picture of measurement across linear TV, CTV, desktop, and mobile investments.
  • Use the benefits of a consolidated reporting framework for in-flight campaign optimizations in near real-time.
  • Activate TV Amplifier to scale top-performing audiences by retargeting CTV views on desktop and mobile devices.


Increase in member acquisition


QoQ increase in enrollment, renewals, and upgrades


QoQ decrease in cost per-membership retention actions

A national automotive membership organization turned to H&L Partners, an established leader in combining data science and strategic storytelling, to boost signups and renewals when memberships began to plateau. 

Through a long-standing partnership with Amobee, the agency was able to leverage Amobee 4Screen reports to get a clear picture of measurement across the client’s linear TV, CTV, desktop, and mobile investments. As a result, the agency brought together their TV investments and programmatic teams, for the first time, to see deduplicated reach, frequency, and household action rates across all the auto brand’s channels. 

As the campaign progressed, the teams realized that higher cross-screen exposure across linear TV, CTV, desktop, and mobile resulted in increased performance. To scale audience reach, H&L worked with Amobee strategists to activate TV Amplifier (TVA), a TV-aware solution that enables advertisers to retarget under-exposed linear audiences with CTV and digital while managing frequency. 

As a result, H&L was able to showcase their best cross-channel performance to date. Results included a 156% delivery to Q4 merchant acquisition goals, and a 49% quarter-over-quarter increase in membership enrollment, renewals, and upgrades. The client also saw a 13% decrease in cost-per-membership retention action, creating even more efficiency in overall campaign outcomes.

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