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Horizon Media untaps ROI with TV-informed digital strategy

TV Amplifier closes audience divide, boosts reach & awareness

horizon media success story with Amobee
  • Drive offline sales for a major CPG brand.
  • Identify underexposed or unexposed TV audiences and demographics on CTV and digital.
  • Add incremental reach and awareness to TV buys and reduce waste across the entire media plan.
  • Use mixed modeling awareness for the highest viewability at the lowest cost possible.
  • Analyze TV investments and supplement current ad spend to extend reach across the marketing mix.
  • Identify and engage newly discovered audience segments through digital-TV retargeting.


as effective in delivering positive ROI


reach unique to digital*


increase in volume with TV-digital

Building on a multi-year partnership, Amobee worked with a major CPG brand, their agency, Horizon Media, and IRI to close the gap between TV and digital audiences with Amobee’s TV Amplifier (TVA) solution, which resulted in decreased waste, increased reach, and a greater volume of product moving off shelves.  

The previous year, the CPG brand and Horizon had increased TV ad spend by 38% and reshuffled their network mix to expand across eight new networks. But this resulted in only a 7% increase in GRPs. 

By switching campaign objectives from awareness to ad delivery volume, Horizon, IRI, and Amobee partnered closely on creating a TV-aware digital strategy to identify underexposed or unexposed linear viewers. With insight into the CPG client’s existing TV schedules, Amobee was able to create the optimal TVA reach by layering on additional third-party data to precisely target strategic and demographic audiences.

This resulted in a 65%+ reach unique to digital* across the CPG’s digital investments measured by Nielsen Total Ad Ratings, and Amobee’s custom curated TVA audiences resulted in the highest overall ROI and volume among all the CPG’s digital tactics. 

*Nielsen Total Ad Ratings commissioned by Horizon Media; Analysis based on % of digital audience that is unique to digital. Campaign dates from 06/17/2019 – 09/22/2019, Target Demo A25-54.

Amobee’s TV Amplifier helps our clients better identify opportunities to improve and extend the impact of our combined linear TV and digital buys with greater scale and precision, allowing for sophisticated and comprehensive cross-screen campaigns that maximize incremental reach. - Corey Tolbert, Vice President of Programmatic at Horizon Media

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