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Mediahub serves up customer growth for a leading QSR

National Covid lockdown inspires new tactics to drive pickup & delivery sales

Mediahub serves up customer growth for a leading QSR
  • Discover new and like-minded QSR customers.
  • Increase online delivery and pick-up orders for QSR locations.
  • Ensure strong ROAS for campaigns.
  • Create an Amobee look-a-like model based on loyal customers to drive new purchases.
  • Track audience exposure by delivering “ghost” impressions to 10% of users.
  • Understand conversions and return-on-investment via beacons and shopping cart value.


Lift on pick-ups


Lift on deliveries


Overall incremental lift

A national quick-serve restaurant (QSR) and its agency, Mediahub, partnered with Amobee to drive incremental customer growth from June through September—at a time when many restaurants had been challenged by Covid’s state-wide shutdowns and restrictions.

By leveraging Amobee’s 1st Party Look-alike Audience solution, the QSR and Mediahub were able to discover and reach new and like-minded customers that shared commonalities with the food chain’s loyal followers. Pickup and delivery orders increased by 88.7% and 75.7% respectively and exceeded previous customer KPIs.

The QSR and Mediahub were also able to easily measure the incremental growth of orders as well as the revenue generated. By using Amobee Ghost Bidding technology, in-platform beacons, and shopping cart values passed back from the QSR, Mediahub and Amobee tracked incrementality and delivered “ghost” impressions to 10% of users to understand and measure audience exposure and conversion rates. 

As a result of the partnership, the national QSR and Mediahub saw a 61.8% incremental lift during this time period. Based on a KPI of $13 return-on-ad-spend for each tactic, they achieved $18.83 lift for pickup orders and $14.45 for delivery.

The ability to extend reach against an in-market audience in order to drive incremental growth during a key time, for any brand, was pivotal and a large part is thanks to our partnership with Amobee and the data solutions they provide. - — Emily Kowalczyk, Media Supervisor, Mediahub

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