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The Richards Group Cook up New Recipe for In-Store Attribution

In-Flight Optimization and Catalina data map advertising to real-time offline sales

Tracking In Store Sales with In-Flight Optimization
  • Attribute online awareness ad dollars to in-store sales
  • Increase market share against lapsed, competitive, and category buyers
  • Reach users across screens including channels such as CTV, video, display, & audio
  • Implement In-Flight Optimization (IFO) solution and automate all data and optimization based on shopper ad engagement.
  • Pairing Catalina SKU data with IFO to optimize regional campaign in real-time to reduce cost-per-acquisition
  • Activate a full funnel multichannel approach on a regional level


Increase in offline conversions in the first month

2:1 ROI

Across select brand categories


Unique users reached

While tracking sales performance in real-time comes easy to websites, knowing how digital ads effect the sales of products sitting on shelves requires a more innovative approach.

One of America’s largest producers of baked goods turned to their agency, The Richards Groups, to cook up a solution to track display and contextual video campaigns to national brick-and-mortar sales. By leveraging Amobee’s In-Flight Optimization (IFO), a leading solution for sales tracking combined with Catalina’s direct pipeline to first-party shopper data an innovative approach was developed.

Digital ads were tagged with Catalina’s proprietary pixel, based on shopper ad engagement, triggering a pixel ID match that tracks UPCs and SKUs to reveal buyer behavior patterns when exposed to their ads and whether that resulted in new or repeat buyer actions.

The direct pipeline to first-party shopper data enabled the agency to reallocate dollars to improve advertising performance and finally close the loop on how media spend was impacting sales. With true visibility into offline performance in real-time, The Richards Group, Catalina, and Amobee were able to bring the shopper-to-buyer journey full circle and track attribute. The CPG brand saw positive lift and ROI quarter-over-quarter since the onset of the campaign and a 2:1 return on investment across select brand categories.

Clients are able to generate higher ROAS using this in-flight optimization capability and attribute which media is performing best to achieve campaign objectives. - Brian Dunphy, SVP Strategic Partnerships and Channel Sales at Catalina

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