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Toyota accelerates sales with 4Screen measurement

Converged desktop, mobile, CTV, and TV optimizations increase consumer action rates

Toyota Success Story Using Amobee's 4Screen Measurement
  • Drive lower funnel KPI actions like “locate a dealer.”
  • Orchestrate mid-funnel TV placement to improve lower funnel digital spend.
  • Inform future campaign recommendations by knowing deduplicated reach, frequency, and household action rates across all screens.
  • Activate digital advertising on Amobee’s DSP for desktop banners, digital video, and mobile.
  • Leverage 4Screen reporting to understand linear TV and digital reach and performance in near-real time.
  • Use 4Screen to optimize Toyota’s channel mix with better collaboration between TV and programmatic teams.


Increase in household action rates when digital and mobile were combined with linear TV


YoY increase in website KPIs


YoY increase in year-to-date market share

As the country headed into a Covid lockdown, Toyota prepared for a dip in sales when stay-at-home orders decreased foot traffic and buyer intent. The leading auto brand turned to its trusted agency, H&L Partners, for new advertising innovations that would maintain sales for Toyota Dealers of Northern California when year-to-date industry sales were down by as much as 15.4%.

H&L Partners, a leader in combining data science and strategic storytelling, took a holistic approach to Toyota’s display, mobile, and linear TV investments. By implementing Amobee’s 4Screen reporting solution, H&L was able to track and verify the performance of its programmatic digital buys combined with scatter and Upfront linear TV investments.

With a unified view of the entire campaign, H&L analysts could clearly understand the relationship between TV and digital frequency at a household level and what drove customers to “locate a dealer,” “view inventory,” “custom build,” and “price inquiries.”

As a result, Toyota’s campaign saw a 300% increase in household action rates, with sizable gains in terms of both online KPIs and market share, including a 5% YoY website KPI increase, and a 2.0% YoY increase in year-to-date market share. Amobee 4Screen also enabled their TV investment and programmatic teams to work together to make optimizations and collaborate more closely on future media plan recommendations.

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