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Out of the box? Forget the box. Entirely. Backed by a proven track record of excellence across a diverse range of advertising technologies and services, I bring to every project a palette of experience and in-the-moment drive that is both unrivaled by my peers and invaluable in the fast-moving ecosystem of today's ad tech world. Part technophile, artist, and outdoor explorer, I have found that similar to painting a beautiful picture, to achieve success in any market one not only requires a selection of beautiful colors, but the proper skills to appropriately mix and effectively apply them.

Recent articles by Clay Cohen
Data & Insights

Allocation Basics: The Missing Link to High Impact TV, CTV Performance

Today’s agencies and their brand clients are facing a technical gap when it comes to planning premium CTV inventory alongside their upfront linear TV buys.

October 15, 2020

Forward Thinking

CTV Myth Busting: All CTV is Made Equal—Hint: Not Even Close

With the rapidly evolving TV landscape, marketers need to look at premium and non-premium CTV investments through a converged lens.

August 27, 2020

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