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Allocation Basics: The Missing Link to High Impact TV, CTV Performance

by Clay Cohen, October 15, 2020
high impact TV and CTV performance

“If you’re buying in the upfront or you want to buy linear TV and CTV together, we have a data-driven tech platform that will help you minimize excess frequency and reach overlap as well as improve efficiencies across your direct sold CTV and your programmatic CTV with your existing linear schedule.” — Jack Bamberger, Chief Commercial Officer, Amobee

Connected TV (CTV) is a highly targetable, tactical, and measurable delivery mechanism for today’s data-driven, TV-quality content. More premium media is being bought and sold than ever before in this $10 billion CTV marketplace as greater numbers of viewers are leaning in for a high-quality experience.

But today’s agencies and their brand clients are facing a technical gap when it comes to planning premium CTV inventory alongside their upfront linear TV commitments, especially across the entire scope of their premium portfolio buys and over the course of their campaigns. 

How to extract the most value from broadcaster CTV

In the supply-limited environment of reserved, direct-bought CTV inventory, allocation is critical to extracting the greatest value from media budgets. Using new forecasting and allocation technology, today’s most ambitious marketers can unify and optimize CTV in a linear-aware manner.

Amobee’s CTV Allocator is a data-driven, first-to-market solution that enables agencies to plan, forecast, and activate direct-bought CTV in a way that complements their linear TV, digital, and social investments. Not only does CTV Allocator help agencies identify the best reserved inventory for their clients, it provides them with a forecasted blueprint of the best possible plan to meet their brand or product objectives. Marketers can now, for the first time, and in one platform, optimize reach and frequency across all premium media for their brand clients.

How to achieve greater outcomes with a streamlined allocation solution 

With CTV allocator, you can:

  • Predict CTV reach, unique to a linear TV schedule.
  • Increase campaign efficiency by allocating advertiser media across direct-sold CTV, programmatic CTV, and linear upfront investments, all in one platform.
  • Minimize excess frequency and reduce reach overlap of CTV and linear campaigns
  • Plan campaigns holistically, with increased granularity for improved outcomes.

How to unify the impact of your media investments

Buying CTV is an exercise in resource management and optimization, and marketers need a partner that can help them maximize budget and exceed campaign objectives. Amobee is the only platform that gives you the tools and solutions you need to take full advantage of CTV by strategically weaving it into your larger advertising strategy. 

Contact us for a walkthrough of how Amobee’s CTV Allocator can help unify all your linear TV and CTV media investments.


About Amobee

Founded in 2005, Amobee is an advertising platform that understands how people consume content. Our goal is to optimize outcomes for advertisers and media companies, while providing a better consumer experience. Through our platform, we help customers further their audience development, optimize their cross channel performance across all TV, connected TV, and digital media, and drive new customer growth through detailed analytics and reporting. Amobee is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tremor International, a collection of brands built to unite creativity, data and technology across the open internet.

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