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Working Together for a Better Future

by Ryanne Laredo, January 20, 2021
working together for a better future

We at Amobee are excited to welcome the new year. We look forward to continuing to work with our partners in 2021 to help them unify their audiences, optimize their advertising results, and grow their businesses.

A strong beacon of light appears on the horizon. Covid-19 vaccines are becoming available across the globe and those who protect us are among the first to receive them. We are also seeing a welcome wave of accountability towards misinformation in news, media and technology. We are hopeful that, as the world becomes protected against the pandemic, we will collectively usher in a new era of hope, plant the seeds of economic renewal, and reprioritize truth in information worldwide. 

In addition to wishing you and yours health, wellness, and economic stability in 2021 and beyond, we wanted to let you know about four key initiatives here at Amobee that bring our mission and commitments to life:  

  • Living the spirit of giving during a global time of need. On behalf of our employees, partners, and customers, we have made a donation to the Sesame Workshop’s Covid-19 Response Fund and our donation has been matched by the founders of Sesame Street. The gift will help fund special resources for kids, parents, and educators — everything from coloring pages to videos, and songs about hand washing to special Muppet messages. To learn more about the program, click here
  • Enabling Brand Suitability and Media Responsibility: As we work with our partners to build consensus around a shared code of ethics that girds our daily work, we look forward to supporting an ever more trustworthy and transparent media and marketing ecosystem. One major investment we have made is our partnership with NewsGuard.  This brand safety offering allows for pre-bid decisions that avoid misinformation sites, including specific categories to avoid Covid-19 misinformation, avoid election and voting misinformation, to avoid sites affiliated with the QAnon conspiracy theory, and more. 
  • Combating Misinformation and Keeping Humanity Well: We are thrilled to report that our coalition of 50+ agency, publisher, and tech provider partners under the AdTechCares banner have committed to supporting a new PSA in support of the global effort to ensure broad adoption of the Covid-19 vaccinations. If you are interested in supporting this new campaign, please email us at  
  • Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: In an effort to broaden the impact of our internal efforts to meet Amobee’s goals for increased diversity, equity, and inclusion, we have joined Verizon’s Adfellows program. This proven, four year old program is a diversity pipeline fellowship for entry-level marketers seeking the opportunity to make a contribution and forge a career path forward in the media and marketing industries. Starting in March, we will welcome the first three Amobee Adfellows to our Marketing department for an eight week paid internship. We look forward to helping them learn about advertising technology and flex their creative and strategic muscles.    

We look forward to working with you this year and beyond.


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