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How to Describe Your Ad Tech Job to Mom

by Lidia Ruelas, May 07, 2021
Celebrating Mother's Day at Amobee

Mothers are not the only ones who struggle to understand the jargon and nuances of  the linear and digital advertising landscape. Needless to say, explaining what you do for a living to Mom or friends can sometimes be tricky and frustrating. So in the spirit of Mother’s Day—and because we like a challenge—we’ve asked several Amobee employees to describe their jobs to their Moms. Here is what they had to say:

Dini Beretz, VP of Global Business Development at Amobee, and her mother

“So, Mom, you know how you when you browse online, people often know what you buy, where you click, and sometimes you see ads that look like the advertiser read your mind? Well, I run a data supermarket and make sure the shelves are stocked with groupings of behaviors based on people’s online activity (like ‘Moms with Pets’ or ‘Hip Moms,’ like you), and the advertisers buy this data at my store and use it to get their message in front of the right set of eyes online.” Dini Beretz, VP, Global Business Development

Daniel Laprea, Engagement Manager Amobee, and her mother

“My company helps our clients execute their marketing campaigns across the different ways people engage with content and entertainment (e.g. TV, social media, across the internet). Our technology is the infrastructure for these clients to run campaigns, so in a way, we are ‘the engine in the car.’ I specifically help to project manage deliverables, ensure our clients are happy, and make sure that we are working in efficient ways to run campaigns.” Daniel Laprea, Engagement Manager 

Piper Bledsoe, Head of Growth, and her mother

“You know those ads you see on TV during Monday Night Football, on Hulu when you’re binging Big Little Lies, or on your phone when you’re buying every product Instagram targets you with? Yeah, my company delivers those ads, with tons of insights as to why you, in that moment, in that place, should receive that brand’s specific message. And then we determine how effective that messaging is at driving products off the shelves, people into stores, or just getting you to buy something on their website. You could say we make the world go ‘round.” Piper Bledsoe, Head of Growth EMEA

Amy Hebbel, Sr. Product Consultant at Amobee, and her mother

“Amobee is like eBay for advertising. We’re a technology that connects advertisers to broadcasters.” Amy Hebbel, Senior Product Consultant 

Allison Feder, Sales Director at Amobee, and her mother

“You know those ads you see on your phone, computer, or TV and wonder how the device knows what you’re interested in, what you’re reading, commenting on, or shopping for? We put those ads there utilizing our technology for our advertising partners.” Allison Feder, Sales Director

Well, good luck explaining your job to Mom this holiday. But the bottom line is, if you want her to understand your job in ad tech, you can start by finding something from their daily life that they can relate to, such as cars, favorite television shows, or pets. No matter the analogy, the important thing is to spend time with our Moms, and to remind them that they’ve raised some pretty smart and interesting kids. 

From Amobee to our ad tech Moms across the world, Happy Mother’s Day!


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