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Partnering to Defeat Ad Fraud

by Amobee, March 24, 2016

All relationships require clear communication. That holds true for romantic relationships and, perhaps, even more so for relationships between DSPs and exchanges. Data sharing, regular reporting, and face-to-face conversations are key to meeting client expectations across the board, but are especially important in the fight against ad fraud and non-human traffic.

At BrightRoll, we see every client relationship as unique. Each DSP has different clients and goals that they’re trying to achieve. They’re looking for specific inventory within each client’s’ parameters and want to ensure it is brand safe and reaching real human viewers, not bots.

Turn and BrightRoll Exchange have worked together since 2006, and in recent years, as impression quality has become an area of increased focus in digital advertising — especially in video — we have ramped up joint efforts to monitor fraud and eliminate fraud.

An ANA/WhiteOps report from January noted that ad fraud will cost marketers $7.2 billion in 2016. And, formats that drive higher CPMs – like video – are more susceptible.

On the BrightRoll side, we’re constantly monitoring inventory quality through a continuous cycle of supply verification, pre-bid filtering, and post-serve measurement. Read about our fraud efforts in more detail here.

“The BrightRoll Exchange has been one of our most proactive partners in combating traffic fraud in video,” said Julius Ramirez, senior director, global business development at Turn. “We are pleased with BrightRoll’s continued efforts to help provide our customers with high quality inventory.”

While BrightRoll Exchange’s fraud efforts are comprehensive, they’re made stronger by close collaboration with our partners.

“We’re in constant contact with Turn about impression quality. They provide us with reporting from their fraud monitoring systems that we reconcile against our reporting,” said Brett Richardson, manager RTB demand partnerships, BrightRoll Exchange. “This second layer of verification and information sharing ensures we’re working off the same data and starting from the baseline to identify issues.”

The BrightRoll and Turn teams also engage in quarterly deep dives into longer-term trends across the business, with deep dives into inventory quality, examining non-human traffic measurements and verification from both businesses.

Both companies have their own home-grown technology efforts to identify and combat fraud, and integrate technologies from third-party bot-protection partners. Because these systems operate independently, each is capable of catching fraud missed by the other.

“Our partnership with BrightRoll Exchange is an essential component in our fight against fraud,” said Ramirez.


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