Amobee Ranks #1 on Mobile Seller Trust Index

Recognized for Highest Inventory Quality out of 125 Supply-Side Platforms

September 30, 2015

SINGAPORE and FOSTER CITY, Calif - Sep 30, 2015

Amobee, a leading global marketing technology company, announced today that it has been listed as number one on the Mobile Seller Trust Index (MSTI), an independent quality ranking based on the evaluation of 125 supply-side platforms with in-app mobile inventory.

Leading ad fraud protection firm, Pixalate, released the MSTI to provide clarity on how supply quality in mobile should be assessed. The MSTI analyzed more than 5 billion impressions based on five factors: reach, general invalid traffic (GIVT), sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT), transparency, and precision and availability of location data.

Amobee received the index’s highest rating of an “A” in the crucial areas of GIVT, SIVT, transparency and location, scoring the highest ranking with an overall score 93, placing Amobee as number 1 out of 125 supply-slide platforms, including businesses who specialize only in mobile.

Mobile advertising continues to be critical to marketers, with mobile ad spending in the United States expected to reach nearly $29 billion in 2015, accounting for 49 percent of overall digital ad spend, according to eMarketer. In-app mobile ads represent more than 70 percent of the overall mobile advertising industry. Based on Pixalate’s findings, fraud accounts for 38 percent of in-app mobile ad inventory, creating a significant industry-wide issue.

“We created the Mobile Seller Trust Index to help the industry identify the most trustworthy Mobile Ad Platforms to work with, and we congratulate Amobee on achieving a top tier ranking,” said Jalal Nasir, CEO, Pixalate.

“This outstanding recognition highlights Amobee’s commitment to leading digital marketing through the highest quality inventory and most advanced technology solutions,” said Kim Perell, President of Amobee.

“The integrity of mobile in-app inventory, data quality and accuracy is critical to the long term success and growth of mobile advertising,” said Rujul Patel, SVP of Global Publisher Solutions at Amobee. “Amobee is proud to set the standard on creating transparency, accountability, and a marketplace our partners can trust.”

Amobee offers publisher solutions through Amobee’s comprehensive, configurable and secure supply side platform (SSP), designed to help increase publishers’ advertising revenue across all channels. Amobee Global Publisher Solutions capabilities include inventory management, campaign management, targeting, ad serving, analytics and reporting.

Amobee is an approved mediation exchange for Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers and AdMob serving solutions. The Amobee Adapter gives any publisher who utilizes DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) or AdMob as their ad serving solution the ability to easily integrate into Amobee’s global monetization platform and serve Amobee 3D ads.

About Amobee

Founded in 2005, Amobee is an advertising platform that understands how people consume content. Our goal is to optimize outcomes for advertisers and media companies, while providing a better consumer experience. Through our platform, we help customers further their audience development, optimize their cross channel performance across all TV, connected TV, and digital media, and drive new customer growth through detailed analytics and reporting. Amobee is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singtel, one of the largest communications technology companies in the world.

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About Pixalate

Pixalate, Inc. is a leading global intelligence platform and real time-fraud protection provider for Display, Video and Mobile Advertising. For more information on the Mobile Seller Trust Index, please visit