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BIPOC Supply Marketplace Highlights

Amobee fully supports the BIPOC (Black and Indigenous people of color) movement and aims to create a more just and egalitarian world, especially when it comes to media buying. Inclusive Marketplaces provide an outlet for buyers to support these underserved communities through programmatic media spend. Amobee provides efficient paths to target minority-owned and/or focused inventory at scale through dedicated PMP deals. You’ll find below a sample of our pre-curated publisher inventory deals which are ready for immediate activation.


AW2020 Webinar: Innovations in Supply Path Optimization (SPO)

Join Amobee's Max Knight and Jounce Media's Chris Kane to further your understanding of Supply Path Optimization, or SPO, and the best definitions and strategies for enforcing supply in digital advertising.

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Amobee’s CTV Media Kit

Learn more about increasing reach and impact with premium CTV and video inventory. See Amobee's Media Kit here.

Product Sheet

The Big Connected TV Planning Problem… as Told by a Hungry Media Strategist

Amobee’s CTV Allocator removes the proverbial blindfold to reveal the full spread in all its delicious glory. Allocating your programmatic CTV in tandem with pre-negotiated linear and digital direct video allows you to forecast unique reach, pace against strategic targets, and manage your frequency holistically and in real-time