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AW2020 Webinar: Innovations in Supply Path Optimization (SPO)

Ad tech’s love affair with acronyms is one of its most durable characteristics. Supply Path Optimization, or SPO, is currently taking its turn in the spotlight. The meaning of these three letters, however, changes depending on the perspective of the vendor pitching its solutions, the agency pitching its services, and the brand striving for a return. SPO is the proverbial elephant in the parable of the blind men: a different beast to each, and much greater in whole than the sum of their perceptions.

Join Amobee’s Max Knight and Jounce Media’s Chris Kane at Advertising Week 2020 to further your understanding of the best definitions and strategies for enforcing supply in digital advertising.


AW2020 Webinar: Innovations in Supply Path Optimization

CPG, Analytics, Branding, Performance, Video, Viewability, Case Study


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