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Amobee Celebrates Pride Beyond June

by Lidia Ruelas, June 29, 2021
Amobee celebrates pride and inclusivity

What is Pride Month?

As June comes to an end, it is important to remind ourselves why we celebrate Pride in the first place. Pride Month is about so much more than just rainbow flags and colorful parades. It is about recognizing and remembering the struggles the community has faced throughout history, uplifting LGBTQ+ voices and creating a safe space for everyone, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. 

We celebrate Pride to commemorate the Stonewall Uprising of 1969 in New York City. In the morning of June 28, a police raid at the Stonewall Inn ignited a series of demonstrations and protests to advocate for gay rights in response to the excessive violence and force exerted by the NYPD. Thanks to organizations like the Society for Human Rights and the Mattachine Society, advances in gay rights had made progress; but the community unfortunately continues to face harassment and social discrimination. 

Fast forward to 2021, businesses all over the world have publicly acknowledged the need for a more inclusive and diverse workplace; however, temporary Pride Month rainbow logos are not enough to fully support employees. As organizations claim to support inclusivity, it is important to foster a community of acceptance, celebration and community awareness, not just in June, but year-round. 

How is Amobee Inclusive?

With the help of our LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, Amobee is committed to implementing policies that will effectively foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We honor Pride Month year round by: 

  • Understanding pronouns and when to ask for someone’s preference
  • Providing resources and educational materials to create awareness of LGBTQ+ history 
  • Matching employee donations to LGBTQ+ organizations such as The Trevor Project, OutRight Action and GLAAD
  • Offering intentional hiring training  
  • Hosting events such as Drag Bingo, Pride Trivia and other inclusive events

Why is it important to celebrate Pride and be an LGBTQ+ Ally in the workplace?

We asked members and allies to share their thoughts. Here is what they had to say:

“Celebrating Pride at Amobee is important because it shows that our organization has the power to cultivate a safe and welcoming workspace for all of our employees. We have the power to celebrate and showcase diversity in a unique way, which will ultimately empower employees to show up as their full, authentic selves to work every single day and that to me is incredibly important.”Jack Bamberger, Chief Commercial Officer

“Being a LGBTQ+ ally in the workplace is very important because it allows people to show up to work authentically. Although everyone has a different life journey and their coming out experience is unique to their circumstances, upbringing, and dynamics, allies celebrating events like Pride Month shows to the entire Amobee team and the marketplace that we value all walks of life and appreciate the different perspectives everyone brings to the table. Diversity in a team ignites innovation, authentic connections, and growth, which are wonderful aspects to have in a company culture.” Daniel Laprea, Team Lead, Engagement Manager 

“Love is love and showing support for our friends in the LGBTQ+ community helps create a culture of inclusiveness at Amobee and demonstrates the importance of standing up and joining our voices together to ensure everyone has equal rights and protections across the board. Celebrating Pride Month as a company shows that we value diversity and are open and welcoming to all employees, clients and partners. “ Nick Lashinsky, PR + Communications Director 

To be an ally in the workplace is to be a proponent for inclusion and help normalize conversations around same-sex relationships and non-stereotypical gender norms, both when speaking about work-related topics as well as when conversing with colleagues. State your pronouns even if yours follow the gender “norm.” Use the term “partner” instead of gender specific terms even if you’re non-LGBTQ+. Try addressing a group of people as “ya’ll” instead of “guys.” – Jamie Bloom, Product Training Manager 

“To celebrate Pride and to be an ally in the workplace means to support all of your team members and to provide opportunities for each based on them as individuals. It means lending an ear, standing up for, and being in tune with basic human rights. It means advocating for and sometimes being a confidant, an encourager or a sponsor. Celebrating Pride Month is important because it makes the collective better.“ – Kelsey Sevening, Engagement Manager Director

Amobee is dedicated to celebrating and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. No matter if you identify as LGTBQ+ or an ally, everyone can join the celebration of love.


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