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Bridging the Offline to Online Gap Helps Propel CPG Digital Strategy

by Amobee, April 12, 2018

Direct-to-consumer brands have turned marketing on its head by developing a highly coveted, holistic view of the consumer journey, from the first ad served right through to purchase. To keep pace with the rapidly changing retail landscape, CPG brands are evolving; with an extensive digital strategy complete with granular targeting, measurement and analytics, it’s not the online data that they’re lacking. It’s the offline data.

Why is offline data so important for CPGs?

While online data is incredibly valuable in its portrayal of digital engagement such as views, clicks and visits, a digital strategy is incomplete when offline data isn’t taken into account. The critical insight and context into consumer spending habits offered by offline data is what allows the execution of highly effective digital advertising campaigns. More important yet, the offline data needs to be received in near real-time, otherwise the campaign will be over before changes can be implemented. Timely information on in-store purchases can be used to effectively tweak an in-flight campaign and drive revenue.

Imagine a brand running a digital advertising campaign on athletic shoes. While analyzing offline purchase data, they notice a high percentage of their purchases are coming from male millennials, who are purchasing basketball shoes at their brick-and-mortar stores in New York City. They would then immediately be able to implement changes to optimize the campaign to target that demographic (male millennials), with that specific product (basketball shoes), in that location (New York City).

It’s clear this type of granular digital targeting based on offline purchase data can be incredibly effective, but one question remains: Is that type of accelerated offline to online feedback loop available to CPGs that don’t sell directly to consumers?

The New Standard for CPG Digital Strategy

In the past, CPGs have been reliant on antiquated reports that would take up to 12 weeks to receive and provide offline data. Not to mention the data they received was aggregated and provided minimal context into consumer purchasing preferences. The long wait time coupled with overly broad data made it impossible to effectively optimize a digital campaign mid-flight. Until now.

Amobee’s offline to online Sales Accelerator solution, specifically designed for CPGs, is designed to overcome these challenges and more. Think of it as a real-time offline to online feedback loop that’s able to go way beyond mere demographics to detailed granular-level data, including product preferences and store location.

In fact, the solution is so powerful that Del Monte Foods, one of Amobee’s first clients to utilize Sales Accelerator, saw overall viewability performance increase by six percent with a 225% increase in purchase rate from campaign impressions among the coveted Millennial demographic. For marketers under pressure to prove ROI, these powerful campaign metrics are a game changer.

How does the Offline to Online Sales Accelerator work?

Fueled by data from Oracle Data Cloud’s aggregated and anonymized sources like loyalty card programs, offline purchase data is applied to the Amobee DMP as a campaign variable. Marketers are then able to serve targeted ads across all major social media platforms, formats, and devices, directly from the Amobee DSP using the offline purchase data to inform targeting.

The centerpiece of this groundbreaking solution combines insights and activation. In addition to providing offline transaction data on a weekly basis, it also provides marketers the ability to capitalize on those insights by making real-time campaign changes to target the right consumers at the right place and the right time.

By turning to innovative new technology solutions to eradicate inefficiencies and accelerate the feedback cycle, CPGs are able to fill in the missing piece of their digital strategy.

See the results for yourself. Contact the Amobee team today.



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