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Capitalize on Major Moments On and Off the Field to Engage Fans this Football Season

by Amobee, September 12, 2016

The Big Game has surpassed its humble roots as a mere football competition; it’s become the most popular live event for the entire country. Families and friends come together, regardless of their level of sports knowledge or fandom, hoping for a close game, spectacular half time show, and ads that are worth watching. So many viewers (over 160 million on TV alone in 2016) (CNN), with such a high level of interest, create opportunities for advertisers to reach their audience not only during the Big Game, but also before and after.

The popularity of the championship game is no secret – which is why CBS collected $377 million from advertisers for 2016’s event (Ad Age). Brands need to be strategic about their media targeting, so their ads make an impact with the right audience, instead of getting lost in the shuffle.

Data about 2016’s Big Game from Amobee Brand Intelligence recommends the following tactics:

  • Plan for campaigns to start two weeks prior to kick-off, as that’s when interest starts to pick up
  • Viral phenomena like #LeftShark emerge quickly, and present an opportunity to brands who aren’t able to commit to huge Big Game budgets. Closely monitor activity during the game to find trending players and performances and create efficient reach with creative targeting strategies
  • Conversation around the Big Game peaks in the days after players have left the field. Be sure to include that period on your media plans for maximum engagement and impact

Given the live, social, multi-screen nature of the Big Game viewing experience, Amobee recommends the following features to reach fans where they are:

  • Video across devices: 73% of Big Game viewers are simultaneously watching TV and using a mobile device (Salesforce), making cross-screen video a powerful communication tool to reach fans everywhere they’re following the game
  • Rich media with gaming features: Capitalize on viewer’s competitive spirit with interactive gaming features so they can get in on the action
  • Sports Triggers: Set ads to run based on points scored, winning team, and big plays  to sync your message with viewer reactions
  • Incorporate social data: Build on social media activity, which included almost 17MM tweets during last year’s Big Game (Nielsen)

Contact to learn more about using data from web, social, mobile, and video to make an impact with fans this football season.


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