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Lab Tested, Field Proven: How We Built a Better Video Ad

by Amobee, September 19, 2016

“What? Cause I’ve been in the lab with a pen and a pad tryin’ to get this damn label off” – Dr. Dre

Hip hop fans may remember this quote from the track “Forgot about Dre.” I’m particularly partial to it, because this year Turn has been in the lab, focusing on building a programmatic video platform that is more streamlined, more effective, and more powerful than ever before. The result is helping marketers unlock the true power of video advertising.

Building What Marketers Want

Turn has been a leader in direct response advertising for many years, but DR only represents part of the customer decision journey. To fully support marketers, we needed to help them achieve their branding objectives as well. We knew that applying our industry leading algorithmic and data systems to brand advertising could be a game-changer for clients.

So we asked video buyers what specific things they cared about. The needs of the brand came clearly to the forefront: help us reach and engage with our audience at scale, on premium content, while avoiding fraud and wasted impressions.

We took this and went straight “back to the lab.” We’ve spent the past year honing our fraud fighting skills, designing algorithms to predict viewability and engagement, and simplifying our platform. The result is an amazing ground-up rebuild of our video product, with the scale and efficiency to serve the needs of marketers across the entire customer decision journey.

Our efforts are far from over, but great results for our Beta clients make the point clear: When programmatic pedigree, data science and branding meet, marketers win big.

The Industry’s Best Viewability and Completion Results

Here’s how we know we’re changing the game: It all starts with the data. We partnered with Moat and DoubleVerify to measure viewability on every impression we serve, storing the data at the event level in our data management platform (DMP). Our applied sciences team then uses this to create dynamic price-predictive algorithms that, when tested, have been achieving some of the best viewability and completion results in the industry. We even go beyond the usual Interactive Advertising Bureau and Media Rating Council standards by offering advanced viewability optimization goals like AVOC (audible and viewable on completion) and GroupM (100% in-view and audible for half the duration). Those metrics aren’t standard yet, but they’re at the cutting edge, which is where we want to be for our clients.

To mitigate fraud, we partnered with DoubleVerify and built an end-to-end integration for blocking and measurement, resulting in industry-leading low fraud rates.

Furthermore, we’re building out an optimization system that maximizes on-target age and gender and even viewability, so buyers can reach their audience efficiently at greater scale than ever before. That scale is supplemented by leading private marketplace (PMP) reach, and in-platform tools for troubleshooting deals and performance.

We’re still in the lab, and you should expect to see much more from us in the coming months. Until then, it’s time to start a conversation about getting amazing results from video advertising, and better engagement with your customers.

For more on Turn’s video offering, see our video on how Turn algorithms work to balance marketers’ objectives, including viewability rates and campaign performance goals.


About Amobee

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