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Engineers Gather for Innovative, Tech-Filled Fun at Hack@Turn 2016

by Amobee, May 18, 2016

Code, collaboration and cocktails are the pillars of many successful hackathons, and Turn’s Hack@Turn 2016 was no different. Hackers from far and wide (apps, platform, product, sales, science, support and operations) united behind common banners, such as “Analytics to the People!”, “BRO (Bid Rate Observer)” and the cryptic “Joey.”

For 24 hours the teams hacked, fueled by cold brews and assortments from the Turn liquor-cart, fed by food-trucks, pizza deliveries and dim sum. Some teams toiled all-thru the night, coffee and Red Bulls by their side, other’s turned in after 2 a.m. for a few hours of rest before demo time. In the waning hours of the hack, fresh breakfast arrived and a buzz of excitement permeated the office. Presenters for each team worked out the nerves and kinks, while developers worked out the bugs and polished the features, some hackers even found the time to contribute to a new conference room mural.

By demo time, all teams were ready to deliver. Some brought-on laughter: Turn Jeopardy celebrated Turn’s 10+ years of history with a trivia-classic, and TurnChat Helper cracked a few jokes. Others wow’ed: iOM (intelligent Optimization Manager) replaced manual (human) workflows with machine-learned automation, while the Turn Time Machine predicted future performance and included a VR demonstration with Google Cardboard, and SketchDiagnostics created real-time suspect traffic detection and prevention techniques, implemented at enterprise scale.

Though frequently an unpublished metric, unsolicited elevator conversation feedback after the event indicated a high level of satisfaction: “I forgot how fun this is. I wish we could do this once a month!” Thanks to the efforts and dedication of Turn’s product development teams the Hack@Turn ’16 was a splendid success, we look forward to more in 2016 with Hacktober@Turn.


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