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Here’s Why A Trusted Programmatic Partner Matters

by Amobee, December 14, 2016

Marketers and ad agency professionals are wary of where their ads appear, and concerns over fake news have only compounded their fears.

What exactly are they fearful of? Sixty percent of ad agency professionals said they were fearful about inventory quality in programmatic buys, according to a recent study from eMarketer. Thirty-one percent said programmatic complexity was their biggest source of fear. This illustrates why brands need a trusted partner to help them navigate the programmatic landscape. Through years of experience being that guide for brands, we’ve developed best practices — do’s and don’ts — that marketers should demand from their programmatic partners to lead their strategies.

We find it doesn’t work to simply blame publishers for ads appearing in dubious places; very little of the inventory on the market these days is completely blind. Publishers have come a long way in terms of enabling more transparency so that marketers can execute buying decisions with more confidence. For example, problems may arise when a marketer asks for placement within a category and the buy is carried out by a shady supply source. A marketer might say, “I want to buy premium entertainment sites.” The media plan may include large publisher brands like CBS, ABC, and E!, but the majority of the delivery will land on other entertainment-related sites with little to no credibility and content that some brands may not want to be associated with. This is where education plays a critical role, as well as reputable technology partners who work hard to ensure placements are aligned with buyer expectations and brand safety requirements. Serving as a trusted advisor to clients means we provide insight and clarity in these situations. We communicate the ways that technology can help alleviate many of these common concerns with the goal of helping marketers utilize the tools and data available within the platform to execute buying with confidence.

As with security software, brand-safe placement isn’t a question of flipping a switch once and you’re done. New concerns in media emerge all the time. Take fake news, for example. Because it can be hard to tell if a news story circulating on social media is the real thing or something concocted by someone with an agenda, the risks to a brand are multiplied.

Who your preferred ad tech advisor builds relationships with for inventory, data and key brand-safety technology is of utmost importance. Through our partnership with DoubleVerify, Turn helps marketers ensure that exclusion list strategies take fake news into account. The Turn platform enables marketers to activate leading technology vendors across our point-and-click ecosystem — from brand safety, context, and verification technology. We continue to work closely with exchange partners to ensure that our customers are accessing quality, viewable and brand-safe inventory. It’s imperative that every advertiser works with ad tech partners who are committed to quality and transparency in the supply chain. It’s also more crucial than ever that partners have the experience and technology know-how to guide marketers safely through the programmatic landscape.


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