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Inside HP’s ‘Incredibly Powerful’ Marketing Insights Machine

by Amobee Brand, May 24, 2017

The idea that data is a potentially revolutionary force in business has been so pervasive in recent years that the inevitable backlash has begun. Most recently, a guest column in Recode argued that “We all thought having more data was better. We were wrong.”

That column, which argued that big data was too unwieldy to deliver business-changing insights, informed a recent discussion between BuzzFeed Senior Technology Reporter Alex Kantrowitz and Sachin Puri, Digital Marketing, Strategy & Operations at HP.

The two met in San Francisco on April 26 at “Wake Up Your Data,” a Turn-hosted event that explored the intersection of data and strategy. At the event, Puri offered an eloquent retort for big data skeptics.

“I think data is a gold mine from our experience,” Puri said. “What you do with it is the real question. That’s where you create value.”

In HP’s case, the company sells printers and ink. HP has a good selection of first-party data but worked with Turn to bridge that data with third-party data, which allowed HP a deeper look into folks who may have bought printers but hadn’t subscribed for ink subscription services. “Now we have this set of IDs that we can activate upon,” Puri said, “Our DSP partners like Turn can help us find those users with very little cookie loss and target them with messages.”

Puri said that there are four pillars for successful marketing – creative, media, insights and technology – and that data sits at the center. “It’s the same team that looks into the data and generates the insights. We use the same team to generate the activation plan and the IDs that are needed to go and activate it,” he said. “It’s incredibly powerful. We have been doing it for a couple quarters now.”

For more of the interview check out the video below:


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