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New Analytics Tools Drive Results for Global Marketers

by Amobee, January 20, 2017

What happens when you take the best advertising technology and combine it with the world’s-leading cache of data and insights informed by years of running successful programmatic ad campaigns? You turn all this knowledge and expertise into powerful solutions that every Turn client can use for free to drive smarter marketing. Turn is today launching three powerful new analytical solutions: Media Planning, the Customer Journey and Lift Analysis.

These tools help marketers uncover actionable insights to drive their business decisions. The process is simple: Turn runs the analysis, interprets results and delivers recommendations to the brand. This is yet another example of how programmatic is fundamentally shifting how people think about what to do with their data — offering a more complete understanding of how the consumer moves through their individual journeys and how best to reach them wherever they are.

Here are some examples of how top global brands are using these new tools:

The Media Planning tool leverages skew analysis, an analysis method that finds asymmetry from normal distribution (in this case, general internet users), enabling marketers to identify the best sites, deals and geo-locations to find their target customers at scale. Benefits include enhanced third-party targeting; informed private marketplace (PMP) deals and smarter bidding decisions.

A major CPG client that wanted to understand where their target audience shopped online used this tool and discovered that retailers such as Kohl’s, Kmart and JCPenney were more likely to attract the brand’s target customers compared to the general internet population.

The Customer Journey solution helps marketers engage with their consumers when and where it matters the most by understanding the different touchpoints and different devices people use across their journeys.

Auto customers begin their journey by looking at single car model, an auto brand Turn works with found out through the Customer Journey solution. However, as customers move closer to the buy stage, they consider multiple cars across the brand’s models as well as competitors. With these insights, the brand could improve creative rotations across models and optimize conquesting initiatives.

The Lift Analysis package provides marketers with a template to analyze incremental performance of an exposed group over that of a control group across both display and video advertising. Benefits include measuring effectiveness of advertising initiatives and optimizing towards audiences with the greatest incremental gains.

A Turn auto client used this solution to measure the effect of seeing a video ad on cross-channel performance. They found that users who saw a video ad in addition to the display ad were more likely to eventually convert and become qualified leads compared to users who didn’t see the video ad. Results were 17% lift in both display and video conversion rates as well as a 10% and 16% lower cost per acquisition (CPA) for display and video, respectively.

For more, read about Advanced Audience Insights, our first analytical solution in this series aimed at understanding customers at a molecular level in real-time.


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