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Seasonality Pro Tips For Retail, Auto, and CPG on the Benefits of Cross-Screen Measurement and Reporting

by Jamie McGill, May 04, 2021
benefits of cross screen measurement and reporting

A perceived lack of unified cross-screen measurement is a major roadblock for many of today’s vertical-focused media planners and strategists. It’s frustrating and time consuming to cobble together different tactics and solutions. Performance metrics that apply to one screen don’t often apply to another; rarely do we look at engagement rates on linear TV, or GRPs on Tik Tok.

Solving the cross-channel measurement puzzle, however, is possible today, and having the right solution enables you to un-silo how you plan, buy, and optimize your TV, digital video, CTV investments. Granular measurement and reporting tools improve in-flight decision-making across your TV and digital, and deduplicating reach, frequency, and understanding household actions can help you get ahead of seasonal trends and fine-tune how you allocate media across all screens.

Below are a few examples of how to take your cross-channel strategy to the next level so you can focus on improving outcomes as consumer spending habits recover and the holiday season gets underway.

Auto: Spend money where ad dollars work hardest

For those of you in the auto sector, it was a complicated year with a lot of uncertainties, disrupted campaigns, and a nosedive in consumer confidence. But with 2021 expected to see an 8-10% increase in car sales, eclipsing pre-Covid numbers by 2023, you need to reach beyond KPIs such as website visits and click-through rates, and measure across all your media investments simultaneously to see where your ad dollars are working hardest and where you can drive greater efficiency. 

Seasonality Pro Tip: 

  • Get experimental with your ad creative and tap into where the consumer mindset is today compared to last year.
  • Use linear attribution studies or digital KPIs to gauge which ad creative resonates most with your target auto intender. 
  • Try deploying and measuring those ads holistically across screens. 
  • Invest where you’re driving growth by knowing which cross-screen exposure combinations drive the highest action rates such as website visits, dealership enquiries.

Retail: Know what your customers are buying and how to reach them

While Covid posed serious challenges to the retail landscape and accelerated the shift from brick-and-mortar to ecommerce and DTC models, it also inspired many traditional retailers to increase investment and engagement in online channels. Based on record spending last year on Black Friday ($9 billion) and Cyber Monday ($10.8 billion), now is the time to focus on forging and strengthening connections across all screens with consumers who now consider the cross-channel shopping experience a new way of life.

Seasonality Pro Tip: 

  • Leverage CTV engagement units to encourage strategic targets to add items to their digital basket from the comfort of their own sofa. 
  • Measure which screen exposure combinations deliver the strongest results to inform future spend.
  • Use first-party targeting data to notify customers of seasonal in-store deals or loyalty programs while also targeting those less likely to visit a store with digital offers. 

CPG: Connect with first-time buyers and strengthen ties with past purchasers 

Unlike most industries last year, many CPG marketers benefited from a windfall in sales from shelf-stable foods and supplies. With 47% of consumers using online ordering for delivery or click and collect services during Covid, 77% report plans to continue that behavior in the aftermath. CPG sales overall are up 21% year-over-year with no sign of declining to pre-pandemic levels. By deduplicating reach and controlling frequency across TV, CTV, desktop, and mobile, holistic measurement can help you understand the screen exposure combinations that deliver the highest rates of online conversion for your product. 

Seasonality Pro Tip: 

  • Lean heavily into geo-location data where appropriate to create relationships with first-time buyers or strengthen ties with past purchasers.
  • Unlock consumer first-party data with promotional QR codes, which can be used to create customer profiles around purchase frequency and target light, medium, and heavy purchasers with distinct messaging. 
  • Tap into the Back-to-School prep by heavying up spend when and where schools are reopening.
  • Alcohol brands may want to target areas where bars are still shuttered to reach at-home drinkers. 

Bridge the gap across TV, CTV, desktop, and social 

No matter which vertical you’re planning and optimizing for, advanced targeting won’t be as effective unless it’s coupled with multichannel reporting to reveal where dollars work hardest across linear and digital. This means the deduplication of reach, frequency, and household actions across TV, CTV, desktop, and mobile to inform in-flight budget allocation. Amobee’s 4Screen measurement reporting is the first solution to pioneer this approach and bridge the gap between linear and digital. To learn more, contact us at 


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