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Why Measurement of TV and Digital Can No Longer Be Done in Silos

by Amobee, April 01, 2021

Key Takeaways:

  • As the convergence of TV and digital accelerates, industry reporting standards have not evolved at the same rate as as audience growth.
  • The ability to understand reach and measure audiences across the TV and digital landscape is key for truly converged advertising.
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Today’s level of extreme audience fragmentation requires a consistent measurement yardstick that can extend across TV in all its forms and then tie back to granular reporting insights on how your campaigns are performing. A full view of all audience targets enables you to take advantage of real-time, in-flight decisioning tools so you can finally measure by device, network, and inventory type.

But as the convergence of TV and digital accelerates, industry reporting standards have not evolved at the same rate as audience growth. Many advertisers find themselves unable to identify and effectively target their strategic audiences across linear TV, Tier 1 direct-sold CTV, programmatic, and digital video.

“The ability to effectively understand, reach, and measure audiences across the TV and digital landscape is key for truly converged advertising and, until now, it has not been possible in the industry.” — Corey Tolbert, Vice President of Programmatic at Horizon Media. 

One of the setbacks to more advanced measurement has been a lack of alignment across teams, partnerships, and inventory sources. As long as the ad industry lacks a common language and shared definitions for campaign KPIs—such as awareness and brand lift—advertisers face an uphill battle.

However, measurement and attribution innovations are quickly paving the way for greater visibility and accountability across all types of media, no matter how fragmented. This ensures that your ad dollars are working hard, and strategically, across all of your media investments.

Emerging technology platforms can help you get past the linear TV and cross-screen blind spots that were previously holding you back and causing friction between TV and digital teams.

Amobee and Ipsos Research found that 73% of advertisers are increasingly requesting cross-screen measurement and attribution capabilities from their broadcaster/media company partners.

More holistic measurement reporting gives you the tools to achieve deduplicated reach and frequency and to measure overlap across linear TV, CTV, and digital video. Through the application of common metrics, in-flight budget allocation, and reliable and accurate TV and digital reporting insights, you’re able to seefor the first timeif your unified campaigns delivered what was forecasted. That way, you can finally measure broadcaster deals and digital investments together and highlight the success of your converged campaigns. 

Access to cross-device data and methodologies combined with real-time forecasting and optimization is critical to tracking viewership that is not limited to just linear or digital. This kind of visibility tells you which of your media impressions were the most on-target and in-frequency versus which ones you need to course-correct. It also enables more creative testing and strategic iteration to analyze media performance and drive greater outcomes. 

The decisions you make now will determine the success and growth of your business this year and into the future. Only when you can unify, optimize, and grow the impact of your media investments across linear TV, CTV, and digital have you truly harnessed the power and potential of TV in all its forms.

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