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Technology is the Unsung Hero in Cross Screen Planning

by Valerie Bischak, April 03, 2022
Technology is the Unsung Hero in Cross Screen Planning

Everyone is touting the value and need for cross screen planning. Consumers viewing habits have changed. Whether it’s how they view big events like March Madness or the Academy Awards, traditional television programs or binge-watching their favorite shows on a streaming service, everyone has a favorite screen for different viewing needs: time of day, location, what’s going on in the house, etc.  And the one thing we know about all this cross screen viewing is that it is complicated to decipher and creates challenges for marketers.

At Amobee we have great tools to help shed light on the confusion. The two primary tools are the 4Screen Report and our Broadcaster Duplication Report. These tools allow buyers to understand the consumer experience across screens and within screens – before, during and after a buy. Together they can help identify what combination of screens lead to increased reach. Where duplication is the greatest across a media plan. What pockets of the ecosystem are untapped opportunities for a target audience. These reports provide a blueprint to help make buyers as smart as they can be when planning their media. The unspoken issue is that the vast majority of buyers are not leaning into sophisticated, data science and technology to help solve their problems. 

Today’s reality is that media companies are not helping buyers build the best holistic media plans, and at best are only able to give them guidance within their own footprint. While media companies are incentivized to keep as much media spend inside their platforms as possible, media buyers need a solution to look across screens, across the entire landscape. To answer the questions many media owners don’t want answered.

Below is a sample of a 4Screen Report.

This one report is a treasure trove of information. Not only does it tell you who has been exposed to an ad, but it also shows the overlap of exposure and the untapped opportunities. While in this example linear TV reaches the most unique viewers at 13.4%, you can clearly see that it is the combination of linear TV, CTV, mobile and desktop that brings everything together.

Our tools can also go down another layer and show duplication within a platform. This broadcaster duplication report helps identify where opportunities and waste exist.

Our role at Amobee is to empower media buyers and sellers with information to make the strongest case for how to combine assets to deliver the marketers’ target audiences. 

For a long time, the industry has been embracing new data sets that are fundamental to better understanding media performance. But the reality is that with increased fragmentation and a proliferation of supply sources, data is simply the first step to decoding the mystery of audience delivery. The real hero needed to convert marketplace complexity into actionable insights is the combined power of data and technology.  So allow technology to unlock the mystery inside of your media plans. Allow technology to be the unsung hero in cross screen planning.


About Amobee

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