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The Key to TV-Digital Convergence: A Unified Workflow Built to Support CTV

by Amobee, January 07, 2020
The Key to TV-Digital Convergence

The fragmentation of media and the rise of connected TV (CTV) are catalysts for the convergence of TV and digital advertising. As the gateway to more precise audience targeting in premium TV content, CTV empowers marketers to leverage data across today’s most watched screens where the most coveted audiences spend their viewing time.

But as the marketplace expands with premium video and CTV inventory, and ambitious marketers seek to bring data-driven approaches to all media screens, demand for tools that support cross-channel planning and analytics is quickly mounting. That’s why brands and agencies seeking to reach and engage these attractive audiences are making convergence a strategic focus going into the new year. 

A unified workflow — purpose-built to support premium video and especially CTV — is critical to the smooth adoption and efficient execution of campaigns that seek to holistically reach TV and digital audiences. 

All cross-screen campaign management value chain stakeholders need a holistic and uncluttered interface for consolidating and optimizing their media buys:

  • Traders need bulk editing and speedy optimization, 
  • Team leaders need cross-campaign monitoring and auditing access, and 
  • Analysts need dynamic, centralized reporting for fast, actionable insights.

And finally, all teams need easy onboarding and training accessibility that won’t set back timelines or business goals.

An innovative new UI for the rapidly converging world.

On a mission to meet the evolving needs of the rapidly converging TV and digital advertising marketplace, Amobee is streamlining and centralizing cross-screen campaign management. 

The independent industry leader, as designated by Forrester Research, has unveiled a new unified workflow UI and UX specifically designed to help in-house and agency teams more easily, intuitively, and effectively plan, activate, and optimize holistic, cross-screen campaigns.

Currently in beta to select clients, the new platform will launch in 2020.

“Amobee’s best-in-class self-serve UI is the foundational cornerstone of our cross-channel advertising platform,” said Caity Noonan, VP, Product Marketing for Amobee. “We’re thrilled to empower media teams everywhere with greater ease-of-use, increased control, including customizable features, and improved transparency while expediting the learning curve to meet and exceed campaign KPIs.” 

The end-to-end UI increases the speed and optimization of overall campaign monitoring with improved auditing and collaboration capabilities, and a new segment builder to consolidate audience and demo discovery. (Coming soon, a single-view design and proprietary Amobee Brand Intelligence analytics built directly into the platform for monitoring premium video and CTV audiences and performance data insights.) 

A new “Health” dashboard for IO and line items speeds up the troubleshooting and campaign diagnostic process, and bulk edit workflow can save hours of optimization time through a new in-console editing option.

Simplifying the process of buying and managing premium video and CTV campaign inventory through a UI built for the converging media world can be the difference between successful, streamlined cross-screen executions and teams that get lost in the data deluge.

Come join us for a sneak peek of Amobee’s new streamlined UI/UX everyday during CES from 1:30-2 p.m. at Booth CS-2, Level 2, in the Mariposa Ballroom. 
Or get in touch with us to learn how Amobee’s unified workflow can boost and sustain your convergence strategies at


About Amobee

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