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Viewability: 4 Tactics & Key Considerations

by Amobee, January 15, 2016

Finding the right level of viewability for your campaign can be tough. Here are four tactics you can deploy in partnership with your DSP to make viewability work for you:

  1. Pre-bid filtering: Establish criteria for site filtering that will get you close to your viewability target. For video, players must be VPAID-enabled for viewability to be measured, so you may wish to rule out non-VPAID inventory. Another consideration may be player size. Larger video players tend to indicate higher-quality inventory, but they can also be few and far between, so limiting your campaign to large players is going to significantly narrow your possible inventory.
  2. Real-time reporting: Make sure your viewability data – whether it’s actual viewability or a proxy like banner size or player size – gets built into your campaign reports, so that you can look at what works and take steps to optimize as needed.
  3. Post-bid optimization: Once you understand how your campaign’s performing, you can create a white list that identifies sites where your ads are performing well and a black list where you’re seeing ads that underperform.
  4. Private marketplaces: Work with publishers that offer private marketplaces that can deliver higher viewability and the audience you seek.

The reality is that it may take some trial and error to realize the full implications of adding viewability as a requirement of inventory – any targeting or filtering you apply will have some trickle-down effect. Some things to consider: Is my viewability filter affecting performance? Is it keeping me off sites that have worked for me in the past? Do I understand how my vendor has calibrated my results? Will this campaign deliver the audience insight I need?

Whatever your approach to viewability, the most important thing is to make sure this approach supports, rather than hinders, the success of your marketing. Use every brand metric you can to measure your effectiveness. Viewability should never be an end in itself. It should be a way of optimizing your marketing to support your ultimate business objective, whether you’re in it for the clicks, leads, or sales.

To learn more about viewability, including how the industry’s standards are evolving and a worksheet for calculating your own balance between viewability and reach, check out The Value of Being Seen – A Guide to Digital Advertising Viewability (volume 5 in our Smart Market series).


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