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What Are “Social Display Ads” and How Can They Save You Time and Budget?

by Savannah Allan, April 13, 2021
guide to social display ads

Social media advertising combined with a cross-channel mindset can be the silver bullet for many of today’s smartest brands. As device identifiers such as IDFAs continue to phase out and consumer privacy takes center stage, advertisers need creative solutions that maximize media dollars and maintain reach and scale. 

A social-first content approach taps into one of the highest performing and most engaging channels available, but social marketing doesn’t need to remain siloed from other ad formats. There are new ways of extending the success of social campaigns with the scale of traditional display advertising by repurposing creative content that has already proven effective on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and TikTok. 

Social Display ads combine the engaging experience of social media with the reach of programmatic and direct display advertising. This dynamic combination delivers huge cost-savings on creative production, and bringing social and display together makes it easier for brands to unify their data.

Here’s how Social Display works, how it can help super-charge your cross-channel advertising strategy, and a few easy steps to get started today:

What is Social Display advertising and how does it work?

Social Display ads are automated social media posts recreated for traditional banner placements. By reconfiguring popular social posts, brands can extend cross-channel reach and social campaign KPIs such as brand awareness, direct response, and customer prospecting. You can also eliminate the monetary and time investment required to produce new ad creatives for a different channel.

What are some ideal clients and use cases?

Social Display is ideal for any brand that has an active social media presence and buys ad inventory programmatically. For brands that want greater efficiency and unification of their media investment across all channels, social display provides a substantial value-add with limited internal resources and creative budget. Popular Social Display categories to date have been fashion, retail, footwear, accessories, travel, entertainment, DTC, and consumer tech.

What performance metrics/benchmarks apply to these types of ad units?

Social Display can outperform standard banners and generate lift across all advertising efforts when added to the marketing mix. Social Display is compatible across desktop and mobile channels and with all third-party display measurement solutions. When compared to traditional banner ads, advertisers can typically expect to see at least 50% click-through rate improvement and sometimes higher. Brands can also expect to see improvement in brand lift, conversions, time on screen, and advanced engagement metrics can be easily tracked to show additional results.

How are partnerships like Amobee and Spaceback helping to unlock the benefits of social advertising?

Amobee recognizes that today’s advertisers need to be cross-channel with a focus on reaching highly valuable audiences with engaging messaging and creative. Amobee’s Social Display offering is now powered by the Spaceback platform, which makes it easy and cost-effective for brands to quickly convert their social media posts into programmatic ad units. 

Any Amobee client with a social media presence can instantly translate social posts into production-ready, rich-media creative pre-configured for immediate activation directly from the Amobee Advertising Platform. Our partnership with Spaceback ensures advertisers experience centralized, hassle-free billing as well. 

A major retailer is currently running Spaceback Social Display within their retargeting campaigns for several of their top brands, and to date they are seeing:

  • The highest CTR (5.8X average) across channels.
  • Greater efficiency in terms of CPMs and ad cost when compared to native, video, and rich media.
  • ~7% of total retargeting spend for the brand, enabling them reach their most valuable audiences with more engaging inventory. 

First steps to take when investing in Social Display

  • Choose Your Post: First review your catalog of social media posts that have been successful at building relationships and driving long-term results with consumers.
  • Create a tag: With the push of a button, re-create a post in an industry standard ad tag with rich interactions, multiple exits, and engagement tracking that looks and feels like a social media post.  
  • Activate with Amobee: Spaceback works with any DSP and third-party vendor and is designed to seamlessly fit into your current technology stack so you retain control and boost social media posts programmatically.

Increase brand awareness and audience reach

Social media advertising is evolving quickly, and when complemented with other digital channels, it can increase brand awareness and extend the reach of your social media KPIs and creative assets. To learn more about how Amobee and Spaceback can help you activate a Social Display campaign, contact us at


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