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When the Largest Scale Meets the Strongest Tech, Marketers Win

by Amobee, November 07, 2016

The value of an ad tech partner is in helping marketers reach the greatest possible scale to drill down with data and pinpoint incredible customer insights. With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce we achieved a new milestone in our reach of digital audiences for advertisers worldwide. Our platform has now scaled to 4 million queries per second (QPS), meaning that during each and every second Turn’s global brand and agency clients have 4 million opportunities to access consumers online, across devices and screens. This is the greatest scale of any programmatic platform.

It is particularly astonishing given that just a little over five months ago, Turn achieved 3 million QPS . We did this without any incremental hardware expenditure, and at the same time increased ROI for our advertisers. In other words, our engineering team was able to extract more performance from existing servers by a series of application performance tuning. I’d like to share some of the work we’ve done to achieve this high level of scale.

Massive Scale Demands Unsurpassed Technology

The reality of programmatic bidding is that while we have a tremendous number of opportunities to bid, we might not always want to do so if it is not beneficial to our advertisers. So, we developed a set of quick decision-making algorithms in bid servers to perform “early exit.” Essentially, these algorithms filter out potentially undesirable bids to avoid passing them to ad servers. This is where Turn’s “secret sauce” resides – preventing the waste of expensive computing and network resources.

One example of early exit is to drop bids from fraudulent sources like botnets. Our integration with DoubleVerify helps us ascertain if a bid is fraudulent, but because we observe many unique signals, we developed and deployed our own in-house fraud detection model as well. Additionally, we might find that certain bids are less valuable, such as those from sites with low predicted performance or from users with low-quality or no signals, in which case we probabilistically filter out some percentage of these bids. For example, in the most recent optimization, we were able to reduce the ad server queue overflow by 20% yet at the same time increased delivery and ROI on high-impact campaigns by as much as 75% in some cases.

We improved performance while massively scaling through technology enhancements, including:

  • Reducing ad server memory usage by 15%
  • Reducing ad selection execution time by 19%
  • Optimizing contextual data, giving us the ability to take on 30% more traffic
  • Reducing latency between bid server and ad server 25%

Finding and engaging customers across channels now requires an unprecedented array of audience data and insights. It also demands access to the largest scale and reach – and the strongest technology backbone – that only Turn can deliver.

For more on the value of an ad tech partner, see the latest blog post from our CEO, “Beyond the Tech, Marketers Want Programmatic Advisors.”


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