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Beyond the Tech, Marketers Want Programmatic Advisors

by Amobee Brand, October 06, 2016

Real-time insights and a lightning-fast mechanism for placing media buys are an exciting prospect, prompting a wholesale change in how marketing and advertising are executed. But this programmatic revolution has thrown some marketers and agencies for a loop.

This is often what I hear when I talk to CMOs. Programmatic is new and complicated, so it’s not surprising that trusted advisors are needed to help navigate this environment.

I recently had a light-bulb moment when a client told us why she chose Amobee. She said it was the combination of the technology and the team that made us more of a strategic partner than a technology provider. And we’ve been hearing this for a while. People are really looking for help, asking questions like, have you done this before? Can you help us figure out our data strategy?

At Amobee, a huge part of how we deliver value to customers is helping them overcome trepidation and realize the desire to go programmatic. In that sense we’re in the role of advisor, whether it’s helping clients figure out a data strategy for an omnichannel approach or how to go about partnering with vendors.

At this point, every Fortune 1000 CMO realizes they need to get their data organized. For marketers, the key value is with the data management platform (DMP). Brands are taking control of DMPs, which yield insights that they used to get from focus groups and the like. These insights are much better – and offered in real time.

At the moment, most marketers aren’t operating this way, but they will soon. In a recent survey, just 24% of CMOs said they currently manage their own DMP, but 60% said they plan to bring their DMP in-house within the next two years.

Amobee provides the technology for the DMP and the demand side platform (DSP) and the connective tissue between the two: an invaluable layer of analytics. And we are constantly refining our product, with recent advances on the video front including offering the lowest fraud rates in the industry, designing algorithms to predict viewability and engagement and simplifying our platform. Continuous improvement of our technology is what makes it a state of the art solution.

Marketers seek help in mapping out the programmatic landscape, too. We aren’t a consulting company, but increasingly we’re playing a similar role. We believe we have a differentiated ability to help customers navigate the current environment.

Of course agencies play a big role in helping marketers make sense of programmatic. Raw data by itself is useless; brands need other eyes and other ideas to use that data to meet clear business objectives. I realize that this moment is a snapshot in time – it’s still early days for programmatic. At this point, there’s a need for trusted partners who not only provide programmatic solutions but have the expertise to help marketers through their programmatic transition. We at Amobee strive to meet that need.


About Amobee

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