Amobee Political Intelligence Tracks 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

New data analytics political dashboard visualizes digital trends around candidates and key voter topics to inform campaign activation in real time

February 09, 2016

FOSTER CITY, CA--(February 9, 2016)

Amobee, a global marketing technology company, announced today it has launched the Amobee Political Intelligence Dashboard powered by Amobee Brand Intelligence technology – to provide real time insights on candidate associations and sentiment, voter interests, initiatives, and engagement around specific candidate-related content and relevant trends.

The company’s proprietary Brand Intelligence technology analyzes over 60 billion digital content engagements per day across the web, video, mobile and social to give an at-a-glance understanding of significant trends during the election cycle. The platform generates key associations for each presidential candidate, as well as sentiment surrounding each candidate including campaign issues and the velocity of trends around topics that can inform real time digital advertising decisions.

“This same level of real time data intelligence and media strategy that Amobee provides for Fortune 500 advertisers to impact consumers, are being brought to politics to influence voters,” said Kim Reed Perell, president of Amobee. “Our political dashboard provides a snapshot of Amobee Brand Intelligence’s level of insights powering real time media activation across our platform on mobile, video, social and display.”

Amobee Political Intelligence data and insights can be used to efficiently and effectively allocate campaign budgets and inform more impactful campaigning strategies, voter outreach, persuasion tactics, branding decisions, fundraising and political advertising targeting and media. The dashboard’s data visualization tool also allows users to easily compare and contrast candidate insights and discover the pulse of the voting public.

The Amobee Political Intelligence Dashboard can be viewed at; and will be tracking the following insights:

  • Sentiment: Shows the percentage of positive, negative and neutral sentiment generated by each candidate.
  • Digital Content Engagement: Measures the candidates’ content engagement across the digital ecosystem (the candidate with the highest level of content engagement is indexed at 100).
  • Velocity in Digital Interest: Demonstrates the level of voter interest around candidates over time based on digital content.
  • Candidate Associations with Top Campaign Issues: Showcases which campaign issues the candidates are most associated with and the strength of that association.
  • Trending Candidate Content Sources: Reveals the top sources of digital content that is producing the highest level of interest around candidates.

“Technology and the web have drastically changed the political advertising landscape and provides candidates the opportunity to target, understand and influence voters in real time at key moments,” Assaf Henkin, SVP of Brand Intelligence Solutions at Amobee. “With $1 billion in political digital ad spending expected this year, media strategies will need to be highly agile and informed to achieve the greatest impact with voters. Amobee’s real time political data allows candidates to utilize insights for media activation with advanced voter targeting capabilities, based on issues, sentiment, and location targeting across mobile and desktop.”

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