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2020 Disrupted The Upfronts… What’s Next?

For television advertising, 2020 forced media sellers and buyers to reboot the way they transact on reserved premium content, otherwise known as the Upfronts.

Flexibility became the new North Star, with advertisers seeking the ability to reserve quarterly vs. the full year in advance. There were requests for greater optionality across all quarters and shorter windows to reallocate spend if a given bet failed to pay off. While these requests met with varying degrees of success across the networks, most if not all broadcasters found themselves coming to the table with a new agility and willingness to adapt to meet their advertising partners’ needs. 

In this webinar, you’ll hear leaders from Amobee, Fox Corp, and Publicis as they discuss: 

  • What the lessons of 2020 mean for the Spring 2021 Upfront season
  • The benefits of media owner flexibility in attracting and retaining loyal customers and delivering strategic audiences 
  • How innovations in planning, allocation, and measurement are paving the way to greater addressability and performance across premium media audiences

2020 Disrupted The Upfronts... What's Next?

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