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4 Ways to Keep Identity Without Cookies

Third-party cookies have dominated digital advertising. But as the ecosystem prepares for a future of enhanced consumer privacy, more agencies and advertisers are looking at alternative solutions targeting to fill the gap left by cookies. However, not all solutions are smart enough for today’s complex, cross-channel advertising world.

Join Kara Puccinelli, VP of strategic partnerships at Amobee, and Hannah Scolnik, programmatic and data strategy manager at Molson Coors, for a look at real-life examples and easy-to-comprehend solutions that will replace cookies. You’ll learn:

  • What it takes to maintain personalization while balancing consumer privacy
  • How to build out competitor conquesting programs and reaching consumers at influential moments
  • Tactics to maintain your marketing performance without sacrificing scale

Ditch the cookies and say hello to the future of advertising. Watch the On-Demand webinar today.

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4 Ways to Keep Identity Without Cookies

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