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Drive Outcomes With Converged TV, CTV and Digital Measurement

TV measurement has been fractured by the explosive adoption of streaming media services viewed via connected TVs. This transition has created a blind spot for both broadcasters and advertisers. Consumers are watching, but it’s been a challenge to achieve demographically verified measurement across CTV, linear TV, mobile and desktop. And as the convergence of TV and digital accelerates, standards for measurement and trading for the $230 billion industry are starting to break down. 

In this webinar, leaders from Amobee and Molson Coors explore the impact and issues of measurement fragmentation and how new demographically verified solutions enable the industry to redefine the planning and buying process.

drive outcomes with convergence

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First-Ever Report Measures CTV, TV, Desktop & Mobile

Measuring across TV, CTV, desktop and mobile is not easy feat. Amobee 4Screen is the first measurement report that allows you to deduplicate reach and frequency.

Product Sheet

4Screen Product Sheet

Learn more about the groundbreaking Amobee, Nielsen and Gracenote solution that will help solve the biggest challenges of today's cross-screen advertisers


AW2020 Webinar: Maximizing the CTV Moment

Amobee, L'Oréal, MilkPEP, Starcom Worldwide, and MolsonCoors assess the evolving CTV advertising landscape and how advertisers can capture opportunities to optimize cross-screen inventory planning.