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eMarketer Tech-Talk: United TV and Digital Measurement

Marketers can’t drive growth for their brands without measuring the efficacy of their advertising, but the calculus of measurement is complex and most marketers struggle to demonstrate the impact of their advertising’s reach and delivery across all screens. 

Bridging the gap between linear TV and digital with common metrics can provide key benefits for decision makers. A converged measurement approach brings teams together and informs more unified multi-channel activation through reach analysis, frequency management, and conversion insights.

Watch as H&L Partners and Amobee review real use cases and client success stories that shed light on:

  1. Observation of channels and networks that deliver ideal reach for your campaign and optimizations
  2. Knowing how you’re under or over-indexing against your respective audiences, regardless of which screen they’re on.
  3. Analysis of channels and screen combinations that deliver the strongest results for metrics such as offline sales, in-store foot traffic, or app downloads.

united tv and digital measurement

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Success Stories


See how Toyota and agency H&L Partners used 4Screen measurement to converge their inflight desktop, mobile, CTV, and TV reporting, applied across channel optimizations to exceed expectations.

Case Study

Amobee And Advertiser Perceptions’ Study

Understanding the future of Advanced TV in a converging digital world. Download to learn more.


Drive Outcomes With Converged TV, CTV and Digital Measurement

Leaders from Amobee and Molson Coors explore the impact and issues of measurement fragmentation and how new demographically verified solutions enable the industry to redefine the planning and buying process.