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It’s Time to Lead: Reimagining Success in The Age of Cross-Platform Video

Change. It’s the one constant familiar to us all in the advertising industry. Despite an abundance of technology at our fingertips, many of us are still stuck in the ways of the past. This must change. Planning and buying on GRPs are artifacts from the 1980s. Planning channels in silos is an artifact of the early 2000s. We can no longer live in the media containers of previous decades. We as marketers have new and improved tools in our toolbox that have the ability to unlock new potential: data-driven linear, connected TV, understanding de-duplicated reach and mitigate frequency overload, new buying modalities, the necessity of technology to eliminate waste and create value. The list goes on.

It’s up to us to use our tools effectively, become better marketers, lead the way in the age of cross-platform advertising. Join us in a conversation that will challenge the status quo.


  • Follow your audience, not channels
  • Incorporate holistic buying and holistic planning to overcome silos and reduce waste
  • Invest in measurement technology that enables end-to-end analytics.

Cross Device, Cross Platform, Cross Screen, Measurement

It's Time to Lead: Reimagining Success in The Age of Cross-Platform Video

CPG, Analytics, Branding, Performance, Video, Viewability, Case Study


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