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Ambitious Marketers’
Guide to Television

The TV Upfronts are here again. Your job is the same and television is still the most important screen in the house. But after the seismic industry shift last year, the world has changed.

Stay-at-home orders increased TV viewing, in all its forms, by four hours a day, with seven and half hours spent on digital media. The streaming wars, now in full effect accelerated connected TV (CTV) adoption by 81%.

So now what? How can you, a TV-first marketer, solve this year’s new TV landscape?

This TV Upfronts guide will show you three steps on how to unify partnerships and audience investments, optimize and complement linear TV and CTV buys, and apply new data-driven technology to measure reach and attribution so you can grow your business.

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Ambitiuos Marketers' Guide to TV

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