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Optimization Is Everything: Generate the Best Outcomes for Every Situation

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work, data and tasks you have each day? There’s a solution: Optimization.

As media and marketing professionals, the need to optimize budgets, impressions, and channels is obvious. That can then be extended to other areas like creative rotations, ad versioning, partnerships, workflow, communications, and certainly sustainable profitability. Finally, there’s optimization for being a well-rounded, happy person, including work/life balance.

Watch as Lauren Hanrahan, CEO of Zenith and Amobee’s SVP, Head of Marketing, Pam Zucker discuss work optimization tactics to generate the best outcomes for every situation, both professionally and personally.


  • Why you should optimize your campaigns for ROI, not KPIs
  • How combining advanced data analytics and technology drives optimization
  • What it takes to change in the face of disruption and really embrace the chaos

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Optimization Is Everything

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