Amobee and LiveRamp’s partnership features unique opportunities for you to reach your addressable audiences at scale and effectively measure your ROI without 3rd party cookies. Leveraging both LiveRamp’s pseudonymous, people-based identifier, RampID, and Amobee’s DSP technologies, marketers can effectively target, optimize and report at the person and household level in a privacy-first way.

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Amobee Analytics Playbook

Utilize our Advanced Analytics Playbook to uncover your data blind spots and strengthen your cross-screen investment strategies.


Amobee Data Playbook

In an industry filled with information and changing targeting solutions, making sense of the wealth of data at our fingertips and acting on it in real-time becomes impossibly complex. Until today


Ambitious Marketers’
Guide to Television 2.0

This guide will show you three steps on how to unify partnerships and audience investments, optimize and complement linear TV and CTV buys, and apply new data-driven technology to measure reach and attribution so you can grow your business.