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AdTechCares Celebrates Anniversary, Partners With Veterans Coalition for Vaccination

by Krista Thomas, March 17, 2021
veterans coalition for vaccination

As we mark the year anniversary of Covid-19 lockdowns around the world, we take a moment to once again thank our 50+ AdTechCares partners and to reaffirm our commitment to using advertising technology to combat misinformation about Covid-19, support fact-based journalism, and affirm that Black Lives Matter around the world.  

We also want to give a heartfelt thank you to the Amobee employees that took on AdTechCares as an avocation—a true labor of love —and worked tireless hours to bring it to life after performing in their professional roles, taking care of the people in their lives, and, in many cases, homeschooling their children. As we said to Adweek last week:

“During the first week of the pandemic and working remotely, we learned that proactively taking the lead—even in a time of great confusion—was the right thing to do. When a sense of normalcy returns, I’ll remember the sacrifices our employees made in order to make a difference and continue their good work. My biggest takeaway is that facing adversity as a team builds far stronger bonds than any company offsite or culture program.” — Krista Thomas, SVP Marketing, Amobee and Co-Founder of AdTechCares.

But Our Work is Not Done: This Is Our Shot

Given the availability of the Covid-19 vaccines, we at AdTechCares are committed to educating the public about their safety, efficacy, and the importance of each of us getting vaccinated when it’s our turn. To that end, we have partnered with the Veterans Coalition for Vaccination (VCV) — formed earlier this year with six leading veterans organizations — and the incomparable team at Venables Bell + Partners to deliver our third campaign to date, a new public service announcement (PSA) campaign designed to encourage full vaccination across the U.S.

The “Call to Arms” campaign enlists arms of every kind from “the tatted, the toned and the sun-deprived” to encourage all Americans to get vaccinated because “better times are within arms reach.” The ads end with a simple and direct call-to-action: “Don’t wait. Vaccinate.” The creative (see examples below) will appear across TV, digital, social, video, print and out-of-home. Integrated media for this effort was donated by the Ad Council and our collective press release can be found here. A sampling of the creative can be viewed below and here

The AdTechCares partners that have stepped up to support this new effort out the gate include Amobee, District M, DoubleVerify, Freestar, Gimbal, Good Impressions, MediaWallah, Health Media Networks (HMN), Influential, Media.Net, Mediavine, Minute Media, NewsGuard, OpenX, Origin Media SendToNews, TikTok, TrustX, and Verve Group. To join the AdTechCares coalition and support this campaign, please click here. To follow us on LinkedIn, please click here

“As the Covid-19 crisis continues, even as the vaccines rollout, the advertising industry has an inherent duty to support fact-based journalism and to ensure continued access to accurate and timely information. It’s an honor for AdTechCares to work with the Veterans Coalition for Vaccination and their renowned veterans organizations and we’re confident we’ll replicate the success of our initial Covid-19 PSA campaign with a renewed focus on driving the public to credible vaccine information with the goal of keeping humanity well.” — Ryanne Laredo, Chief Customer Officer at Amobee and Co-Founder of AdTechCares.

TAKE ACTION! To join the AdTechCares coalition, click here. To follow on LinkedIn, click here

Thanking 50+ AdTechCares Partners Who Made a Commitment & Made a Difference

Our sincere thanks go to the 50+ agencies, publishers and advertising technology companies that have helped us serve 4.8 billion impressions and reach 2.5 billion individuals around the world with sound scientific facts and helpful advice on how to combat the virus. 

These include the 4As, AdColony, Adelaide, Amobee, Bidswitch, Celtra, Connatix, Curb, Daily Motion, DoubleVerify, District M, eBay Advertising, Freestar, Hollar, Influential, Integral Ad Sciences (IAS), InMobi, IRIS.TV, Magnite,, Mediavine, Newsguard, NYIAX, Ogury, OpenX, Origin Media, Outfront, PlayStream, PlayWire, PubNative, SpotX, Spaceback, TikTok, TrueX, and Vox Media. 

Supporting Black Lives Matter via Campaign Zero’s NixThe6 Campaign

In support of Black Lives Matter, we provided donated media and support for Campaign Zero’s NixThe6 campaign, serving 160 million impressions and reaching 115 million people across the United States. Supporting partners included Adsolute Media, Amobee, District M, eBay, Mediavine, NYIAX, Origin Media, Parsec / Adelaide, Playwire Media, Pubnative, Samba TV, Spaceback, SpotX / Magnite, Universal McCann. 

To join the AdTechCares coalition, click here. To follow on LinkedIn, click here

Krista Thomas, SVP Marketing, and Ryanne Laredo, Chief Customer Officer, Amobee; Co-Founders of AdTechCares


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