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Wear a Mask. Pass it On. #AdTechCares

by Amobee, April 30, 2020
wear a mask

With the rapid evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have revisited our creative strategy and added even more international partners to extend our reach and optimize frequency. 

With officials in the United States signalling early easing of social distancing in some states, including Georgia and South Carolina, we had to rethink our “Stay Home!” creative. While officials later walked back some of that thinking, we had to acknowledge that some states will likely reopen street retail businesses earlier than others, so a fresh approach was required. 

Working closely with our creative partners at Parsec Media and Venables Bell & Partners, we set about coming up with creative concepts that would instead advise viewers to embrace face coverings as essential public safety measures, part of our daily lives, material culture and fashion for our new reality. 

Happily, the ideas were plentiful (see a few samples below). We opted for the middle item — ‘MaskMoji’ — and the call to action of “Wear a Mask. Pass it On.” adapted in multiple languages. The embedded link now leads to either the CDC’s page on how best to make and wear your and your family’s masks (in the US) or to very similar and trustworthy YouTube videos to cover international regions and a variety of languages.

In addition, leveraging our own creative services team at Amobee, we settled on a badge to go with our #AdTechCares hashtag, which we are using to unite our efforts across all partners in Social Media.

The #AdTechCares badge, pictured to the right, is designed to unify all partners in the program, and make it easy for them to indicate their participation in the COVID-19 PSA campaign to combat misinformation and direct the public to the websites of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). Partners can simply add the badge to their websites, mobile apps, social profiles, and/or employee intranet to let their constituents know that they are contributing to the effort. 

Amobee’s in-house creative shop consists of award-winning professionals in Art Direction and UX Design and is dedicated to providing high impact creatives through our interactive solutions that connect brands, agencies and our clients to best-in-class creatives.

Many Hands Make Light Work

We are thrilled to say that several more companies have joined the COVID-19 PSA Campaign. See their names below and please join us in thanking them today.

Celtra: Celtra is an enterprise software for creative production automation. Celtra enables creative and marketing teams to design, approve, and deliver digital creative across the ever-growing number of products, campaigns, variants, and markets. Celtra is honored to offer its creative automation software for the production of the COVID-19 PSA ads.

PubNative: PubNative is a mobile publisher platform and programmatic ad exchange, providing advanced monetization solutions for mobile app developers. With its proprietary cross-format optimization technology and mobile in-app bidding solution, PubNative enables mobile publishers to maximize their programmatic advertising revenue via flexible integrations (API, SDK, JavaScript). The company is headquartered in Berlin with satellite offices in Beijing and Seoul.

PubNative is proud to be contributing to Amobee’s initiative by donating remnant in-app inventory for its WHO campaigns to combat misinformation about COVID-19.

Factual / Foursquare: Foursquare is the leading independent location technology platform, powering business solutions and consumer products through a deep understanding of location. Thousands of clients—including more than 50% of the Fortune 100—choose Foursquare. Foursquare’s toolkit includes Targeting, Measurement, Places, Analytics Solutions, and Pilgrim SDK. Together, these products empower brands to help marketers, brands and developers understand how people move through the real world. 

Amobee and the World Health Organization chose Foursquare to help promote personal and public safety during the pandemic. Using Foursquare’s Targeting, powered by Factual, Amobee and WHO can reach targeted audiences with up-to-date information on the spread of COVID-19 and best practices for prevention by informing people who are seen outside of essential locations in real-time. 

Ogury: Ogury is the creator of the first advertising engine driven by user choice. Ogury Advertising Engine powers a new trusted mobile advertising ecosystem, founded on user consent and preferences towards data sharing and ad experience. Ogury’s technology is built for branding campaigns, and delivers sustainable ad results for 1500+ brand customers and 3500+ publisher partners, while building user trust.

Ogury is proud to support Amobee’s COVID-19 PSA by donating 1M in-app video impressions to help spread awareness of the campaign globally.

Venables Bell & Partners: Venables Bell and Partners is a creatively driven Independent Advertising Agency based in San Francisco. Inspired by a philosophy of always pursuing good intentions, we craft honest and fearless communications for clients like Audi, Chipotle and Reebok. 

Venables Bell and Partners is proud to support Amobee’s COVID-19 effort by producing public service announcements that let people know what they can do to protect themselves and others during this pandemic.

Frolic: Frolic was founded in 2018 by two media industry veterans, Lisa Berger and Sarah Penna, and is currently the fastest-growing destination for modern romance fans. With over 10 million in reach, the company creates daily content, podcasts, and film/tv projects that focus on telling the best love stories. 

Frolic is proud to support this effort by donating impressions on and tapping into its strong influencers network. The message is a natural fit for Frolic’s millions of fans who are enjoying our content as an escape from COVID-19 news.

It’s not too late to get involved with the PSA Campaign and sport the new #AdTechCares icon. Join us by visiting our landing page here

As of Monday, we have officially served over ONE BILLION impressions for the PSA through Amobee and our Partners!


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