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#KeepWearingIt: Join our Covid-19 Social Media Challenge

by Amobee, August 24, 2020
amobee covid-19 social media challenge

Our global Covid-19 PSA campaign has now reached 3.7 billion impressions and ~2 billion people around the world, and we are not stopping! 

In fact, this week, we are going live with a new viral video social campaign, developed with #AdTechCares partner and San Francisco based creative agency Venables Bell & Partners. Please watch the 15- and 30-second spots here

This next iteration of the campaign was designed to empower each and every one of us — including you — to share for whom we wear our masks, be that someone specific, our immediate friends and families, our extended networks, our industry colleagues around the world, or all of the above. 

You can help! We’d love to have your help getting this off the ground by sharing with family, friends, and colleagues everywhere. We need your help to encourage people everywhere to continue wearing masks to help contain and decrease the spread of Covid-19 across our global communities. 

On Instagram or your social platform of choice:

  1. Post a selfie wearing a mask, with the person’s name (or group name) for whom you’re wearing it written on the mask.
    1. If you choose Instagram Stories, you can find our GIFs by going to your Stories, clicking on the GIF icon, and searching on “keepwearingit” ← all one word.
  2. Use hashtags in your post like #KeepWearingIt” and “WeAreInThisTogether” to engage in this global initiative and make it easy for us to find & like your posts.
    1. Wherever you can, please also link to the video here.
  3. Also in your post, please @name / nominate friends and family to do the same and keep the challenge going.

Looking forward to seeing your #KeepWearingIt posts out in social!


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