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AI in Action: How Amobee Technology Helps Connect the Dots of Consumer Sentiment

by Amobee, August 22, 2018

Marketing has undergone a great deal of change over the past decade. As the de facto leaders of the digital transformation, marketers strive to stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving consumer at all times. Although technology has grown in leaps and bounds over the past ten years, the primary purpose of the marketer has remained the same: to drive revenue—and prove it.

To generate attributable revenue, a primary focus for many marketers is driving clicks, visits and purchases. These quantitative metrics have proven time and time again to be an effective focus for getting results. But understanding how customers feel while they check those boxes takes marketing to a whole new level, and has enormous potential to positively impact a business’s bottom line.

Until recently, understanding the emotions driving consumer behavior specific to a certain online action was impossible to track and leverage at scale. Technology—namely AI—has changed all that.

Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing & Why Marketers Should Take Note

Data-driven marketers understand the importance of an integrated data strategy: It empowers a higher level of consumer understanding that, in turn, creates an ability to cultivate a highly personalized consumer journey. But understanding when consumers are in the right mindset at the right moment can be just as powerful. It allows marketers to engage with consumers when they are more open to receiving certain messages, driving impressive results and building a positive brand perception with consumers who otherwise might not have expressed interest.

For example, a brand marketing athletic apparel would likely resonate better with consumers expressing emotions of motivation or determination rather than anger or sadness. By connecting with those consumers in the right mindset, marketers are able to maximize the desired result of their campaign, while building a positive brand perception.

In short, by taking qualitative factors such as emotion into account, marketers maximize their media budgets by maximizing campaign results and building a positive brand association.

Amobee Emotion Detection Technology Wins First Place at WASSA 2018

While emotion detection technology is still in the early stages, Amobee’s proprietary algorithm was recently recognized by winning first place at the WASSA 2018 Implicit Emotion Shared Task. Amobee’s winning technology received a Macro F1 score of 0.714, highlighting the contributions of data scientists Alon Rozental, Daniel Fleischer and Zohar Kelrich in developing the incredible precision of Amobee’s detection technology in identifying implicit emotions.

Organized by the WASSA Consortium, the 2018 Implicit Emotion Shared Task aims at developing models which can classify a text into one of the following emotions: Anger, Fear, Sadness, Joy, Surprise, or Disgust—without having access to an explicit mention of an emotion word.

Participants in this task were given a tweet from which a certain emotion word was removed, for example: “It’s [#TARGETWORD#] when you feel like you are invisible to others.” Based on this tweet, participants were asked to leverage technology to predict the emotion that can be inferred from the casual description.

How Does This Technology Work?

In order to accurately detect emotion, Amobee technology leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. Harnessing the power of these technologies together, Amobee’s proprietary algorithm is able to classify text as an emotion without having access to an explicit mention of an emotion word.

Savvy marketers are then able to take emotions into account when determining whether or not their messaging would resonate with a particular consumer.

Spend Where It Counts

Marketers are under increased pressure to do more with less. By leveraging technology that helps connect the dots of consumer sentiment, marketers can use their media budgets to produce higher engagement, generate more purchases, and do what they do best: drive revenue.

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