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Amobee Delivers Keynote at Facebook Global Partner Summit 2017

by Amobee Brand, October 06, 2017

Keynote Address with Johnny Horgan Amobee VP Social Partnerships and Jonathan Wood, Amobee VP Product

Keynote with Amobee’s Johnny Horgan, VP Global Partnerships and Jonathan Wood, VP Product

Amobee is honored to participate as a keynote speaker at the 2017 Facebook Global Partner Summit, an annual conference for Facebook partners and developers who build products and services on Facebook Marketing APIs. The theme of this year’s summit is “Build Beyond,” rooted in Facebook’s core value of being bold.

As a digital marketing technology leader Amobee, a Facebook partner, has been committed to innovation across social and the programmatic landscape. With the acquisition and integration of Turn, a leading programmatic platform, we’re continuing to push ourselves even further.

As Amobee enters a new era, Facebook also asked its partners to explore the unexplored and push the boundaries of what partners are currently doing with the Facebook platform. The goal of the theme “Build Beyond” is to create a strategic vision for how to build solutions and thrive in an environment that moves fast.

Facebook’s tools provide advertisers with a baseline to assess third-party added value—which means that any investments Facebook partners make must reach this horizon to add measurable value.

Which leads to the question, how do we prioritize solutions that create value above-and-beyond what Facebook already offers? How do we Build Beyond?

Perhaps one of the keys to building beyond is to not build at all.  What if we envision a new future where partners no longer try to keep parity with Facebook’s own features, but embrace a “hybrid” model that integrates Facebook’s workflow interfaces with unique partner added features built on top of the platform.

This type of hybrid model would ensure that partner solutions are always at parity — and that we (as partners) are always accountable for providing our customers with added value and full transparency.

Perhaps the future of Facebook partnerships will evolve from a monolithic to a modular, more inclusive approach to platforms, empowering partners to focus on technology that enhances the unique features of the API. This future vision enables Facebook partners to accelerate, and make bolder investments in innovation.

As an industry we have to constantly re-evaluate what we think we know about platforms, to meet the current and emerging challenges of an evolving marketplace. Through agile collaboration and innovation, we can build platform solutions that more effectively meet the needs of all our clients and partners and truly Build Beyond.


About Amobee

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